Can someone clarify egg-bug from this weekend?

Hello! New here, so I know basically nothing about how this prize thing works. I do know the timer was bugged, but they fixed it, and I now have the Egg listed as a prize. But I do not have an email with a code, nor can I find an official info on what the situation is with everyone getting their Eggs. Does anyone have the scoop on what’s going on with our Eggs? Did it take a few days last time for people to receive their codes? I got my coins etc when I logged, so I know I linked my account correctly. I just need some yak in my life people!

Comments greatly appreciated :smile_cat:

They said during the stream that they were going to review everyones egg timers. If it says you got an egg, they will give it to you, but it’s going to take awhile to get through everyone. In some cases people won’t receive their eggs until next week.