Can we get an ignore list in addition to the friends list?

I like the Faeria but some people will simply make their play and the wait the timer out… every turn.

It would be very nice if one could simply add such players to a “don’t want to play against them” list and never have to deal with them again.

I don’t like having to simply surrender because I don’t have 30 minutes to play one game with someone who is being obtuse.

If I could add DarkDreamer to the list of people I never want to play again I certainly would. As it is I’ll just suffer the loss and move on.

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I think the problem with that is that you could just use it on any skilled player so you only get matched up against bad players.


You’re both right, actually; a simple ignore would be easy to abuse, but Faeria really, really should do something to penalize systematic time wasters.

I tend to play for fun… so placing skilled players on the list wouldn’t matter here.

That being said, an easy way to make it unable to be abused would to either limit the list to 10 or so players and/or prevent people with a better rank than X (5? god rank? whatever…) from being able to be ignored.

If I run into people like this regularly I’ll just quit and do something productive… but it is nice to sit down and play a match or two here and then.

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I think the combination of having a limited amount of ignored players and not being able to ignore players with a much higher rank than you would probably make it really hard to abuse and for us friendly people who just wanna play the game that would be fine but from what i know about the internet the “cheaters” will always find a way.

But i agree, Faeria could do with an ignore list, especially when it comes to jerks like DarkDreamer.