Can you guys make Storyteller a 2/3 at least

What’s up guys. I’m a game designer myself and have a published board game that has been sold all over the world. In Faeria I play exclusively Mill decks. I’ve only gotten up to rank 97 with mill, but I enjoy playing it. The more I play, the more I realize Storyteller’s size makes the archetype very frustrating. Too often it’s an unreliable collector thanks to Deepwood Stalker, Soul Drain, Battle Toads, and Seifer’s Wrath. I think Storyteller’s ability does not make up for its size, and that mill may never be competitive when it gets its collector blown out so easily.

The card draw effect gives your opponent the same thing it does to you. You have to build your entire deck around making its ability more advantageous to you than them. Usually cards reward you greatly when you have to build your whole deck around them (think Zealous Crusader, or Hate Seed, or Windstorm Colossus, or Soul Eater.) But all Storyteller gives you is a 2/2 for 3.

It would be nice if storyteller was at least a 2/3 so you could rely on it as a collector. In my ideal world you’d throw a 1 wild land cost on it and make it a 3/3 for 3… basically a Lost Explorer, only instead of an ability that only benefits you, it benefits both players - but then you can build your deck around mill to turn it to your advantage.