Cannot disenchant due to free giveaway

Dear Faeria,

I am a loyal player, who’s invested about a hundred euros into the game so far.
Just now I bought gems for 20 euros and spent them on mythic chests, because I wanted to get golden cards for the memoria.I got very excited when in one of the 10 chests I bought appeared a golden day of the dragons!
Unfortunately I learned soon after that this card cannot be disenchanted because it could have been received as a gift. I am a bit triggered now because I don’t have the 400 memoria I was hoping for and also authistic as I am there is now 1 golden card in my collection which bothers me intensely!

Can you change the game for me and make it so that the golden version of magda/time/day CAN be disenchanted for memoria?

Thanks, love u

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I agree that it is slightly unfair and maybe even unintended.

Hasn’t happened to me personally but if it did, I would want to be able to disenchant it so I also agree.

I also agree with your request.

I agree with your username