Can't buy gems

I was trying to buy gems but when I select a gem package the screen just hangs at “processing…” and never does anything.

Had the same issue. I emailed the support that’s what he emailed me:

Gareth Kenna replied:

Thank you for contacting us.

The Steam overlay is required to purchase anything within our shop as it’s this which connects to your Steam Wallet.

However, some players disable this or have apps which automatically disable it, and this will cause the issues that you are currently experiencing.


Faeria Support Manager


Thanks for posting. Helpful info even if that is kind of stupid on their part. What if you don’t use an overlay? I have never used the steam overlay so why would Faeria require that to give them money?

I had the same issue on Mac, did not understand how to remedy this, at the end, had to go to Windows computer and do it there. there it worked all right,