Can't find "approved observers" and "Official Faeria Discord"

Hello everyone!

Can’t understand where to find “approved observers” and “Official Faeria Discord” for tournament. It seems this link dosent work for me: “Official Faeria Discord:”. I’m new here and my English is far from ideal so dont kick much. :sweat:

Hello? Is there anyone alive?:no_mouth:

If you open your Friendslist in the Faeria-client, there is a button there to join the discord channel, have you tried that?

I hope that works!

Yes! it works! thank you very mach!

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Just to touch on this even though I see you’ve solved the problem:

Our official list of approved observers will always be listed in our Discord channel. When playing in a tournament game, never let anyone else into your lobby who you don’t know or trust.

Thanks! :rubyfish:

Now I understand, thank you!