Can't find some cards in my collection

Lords of Faeria, please hear my plea!

I just started playing Faeria some days ago (wonderful game btw in all its aspects)…

I just realized however that I’m experiencing an issue while consulting my card collection. I can’t see one of my golden blue card in there (triton diver) nor include it in a custom deck even if I opened it in a pack yesterday. I seems only able to find it when I create a codex which contains copies of this card (’‘Blue Invasion’’ for instance). Then, it appears no problem and I can play with it. That confirms that I truly own one copy of this aquatic triton!

Maybe when I’ll own more copies of it then it will solve the problem??

Is it a Mythic card with a special border? If so then by default you only see the standard cards that you have in your collection when deck building. If you press the search icon when building a deck (the little magnifying glass) you can show the mythic cards you have as well.

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Oh thanks! I did not notice that button. It isn’t a magnifying glass though… rather a little bunch of three golden cards.

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Yea I think they changed the filtering system and added that button in because people were getting confused. Glad you got it figured out!