Card Abilities and Card Ideas by Me

Ability Ideas:

Conquer: When this creature kills another in combat, it occupies the space that creature occupied, if possible.
Notes: Yes, works with range also >:3 so you can have teleporting killers. Doesn’t trigger if blocked by an Last Words summon, such as Vine Wall’s ability. Conquer allows for extra movement, based on smart combat, that can then translate into more kills and success, at least on big creatures that can trade. A lot you could do with this effect, and interesting combinations with existing abilities as well…

Hit-and-Run/Guerilla/other name: This creature can attack first, and then move.
Notes: Yep a little less dynamic but still interesting.

Soul Drop: This unit creates an orb of faeria when it dies.
Notes: Similar to Last Word effects, but different. Or could be a single Last Word effect for a future creature. Moving adjacent, or into an adjacent spot, collects the orb. As does moving on it, the space is available. Disappears after the one faeria is collected, just like with Faeria wells. Can be used by your opponent if you’re not careful. Could be on a structure also.

Regeneration X: This unit is healed by X during production.
Notes: Just like Soul Drop, could be a one-time Production effect, instead of this. For creatures or structures.

Frenzy: As long as this creature has 1 life, X.
Notes: X varies. Could be on structures maybe, too? On creatures it could grant damage or abilities. Or trigger heavy Regeneration…

Iron Will/Resolve: This creature is unaffected by Taunt and cannot be targeted by Events.
Notes: Two cool abilities mashed into one. Provides some countering to the awesome and dynamic board control that is Taunt, and introduces inevitable but reasonable protection from burn or removal into Faeria.
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Card Ideas:

People’s Champion
Creature, 6 Faeria, Neutral
Art: A heroic female person of color leading a large group of common townfolk and armed soldiers, everybody’s looking pretty strong willed, but not crazily chaotic.
3 Attack, 5 Life
Abilities: Your creatures without abilities get +1/+1.
NOTES: Yup. Incentizes running vanilla creatures, and allows decks to be built around them. Could possibly have a slightly different stat body or cost. Possibly could effect ALL creatures, so as to make People’s Champion it’s own counter, without taking over the metagame by any means (less cost/better stats, if so). So balance tweaks would be okay, but you get the basic idea. Also that means no keyword OR text abilities.

Event, 5 Faeria, 1 Mountain requirement
Art: A mountain splitting, earth and heat emerged, someone's running away, hah.
Effect: Target land is transformed into a mountain. If occupied by an opposing unit, that unit takes 2 damage.
Notes: Can transform your own lands or disrupt your opponent's plans by modifying theirs, but the land stays owned by the original player. Help with balance feedback? Could also be reflavored into yellow, as could be nasty fun for orb rush.

Binding Roots
Event, 3 Faeria, 2 Forest requirement
Art: Some critter or person getting bound to the ground with thick roots that emerged from the forest floor.
Effect: Target non-flying creature occupying a forest can no longer move.
Notes: Again, balance feedback appreciated. Compare to Frogify or Last Nightmare. Possibly could be stronger? Cheaper with higher forest requirement? Essentially blocks one of your forests though, unless your opponent is also running green. EDIT: dropped to three Faeria I think that is good. Doesn’t totally nullify pests, as Faeria has a small board.

Invert Power
Event, 4 Faeria, 4 Mountain requirement
Effect: Target creature takes damage equal to it's Attack.
Notes: Slightly higher land requirements intrigue me. This allows red another very solid burn option, and against bigger creatures too, but still a solid price tag and higher land requirement. Could be moved in or out of decks as the metagame flows (towards or away from huge threat creatures).

Germ of Potential
Creature, 5 Faeria, 3 special land required (uncertain)
Art: Either a mold/growth like thing, a more spirit/wisp thing, or a hunk of jellyfish-ish gunk. Either way with cute little eyes.
0 Attack, 5 Life
Abilities: Whenever your opponent NEXT summons a creature with 4 or more Attack, Germ of Potential gains that amount of attack. Whenever your opponent summons a creature with a keyword ability, Germ of Potential gains that ability, if applicable.
Notes: yeah wording needs help. Simpler than it sounds. It’s a mimic that forces your opponent to think about what they play next. Incentivizes playing low-attack and vanilla creatures indirectly. Could gain Jump, Flight, Protection, Taunt, who knows. Gift effects don’t apply, as Germ is already in play. Also I’m needing help on the balance and the faction of this one. Would fit pretty cool in any color but red.

Dune Avatar
Creature, 3 Faeria, 2 Desert requirement
Art: Some spirit, possibly wrapped in rags, sand is pouring from it's elemental body.
0 Attack, 5 Life
Abilities: Flying, Dune Avatar has +X attack, where X is the highest number of deserts required by any card in your hand.
Notes: So far yellow has a lot of alternate cost cards, including cards that cost more deserts. Dune Avatar encourages players to build a deck around these cards. Note that Dune Avatar ONLY counts one card in your hand: the one with the highest desert requirement.

Supply Camp
Structure, 3 Faeria, Neutral
4 Life
Effects: Production: adjacent creatures are healed by 1. Opposing creatures take 1 damage.
Notes: Doesn’t need much further explanation, just a neat little card. Balance advise welcome on this one.

The Universality of Water
Event, 4 Faeria, 3 Lake requirement
Effect: Reveal two random cards from your opponent's hand. Choose one of them. It gains two additional lake requirements.
Notes: Everything needs water to function... this card is a first of it's kind, in that it forces the opponent to invest in lakes, even if they aren't playing blue. Information mixed with resource and plan disruption, this card is a lot of interesting things mixed into one interesting piece.