Card Change Ideas

Desert Twister: I’ve read some good ideas to boost this card, like giving the creature +1 attack, or decreasing the landcount by 1.

Golden Aviary: +1 life. Notes: why not? so it might take more than frog to get an aviary now. Gives a tad more durability to a card that isn’t seeing a ton of play.

Malevolent Spirit: add Dash 1. Notes: this is probably one of the least-used cards in the game. But it isn’t terrible, a dash of dash would enable it’s body to be more relevant, since it’s gift ability often isn’t going to be very impactful.

Shaytan Scavenger: a terrible play at full cost, and still not quite good enough once reduced. Not sure if a tweak would work, or if a rework is needed.

Architect: consider making this card a 1/3. Right now, even if you built a deck around Architect (Ostregoth? Or red/green flower/towers?) they wouldn’t be good enough to run. I suspect we may see more structures that benefit from having their health increased, but this could also help, making it a better collector.

Herald of War: similarly, could be a 2/4. This idea also makes me nervous, though.

Flamethrower: perhaps damages enemies in a straight line, with a different stat/cost. Right now I just don’t get it, as a ranged creature it is heavily geared towards just hitting face, and it lacks durability also, yet can sometimes cascade if the opponent doesn’t draw removal. I think a board control oriented Flamethrower would be more interesting.

Bloodstone Sprite: perhaps the Sprite could have Last Words: gain 1 life. Very minor, but this card is like a one mountain Maceman with a bit of face damage. It’s almost good enough.

Bloodfire Wisp: add Flying, make it a 1/3, change bonus to +1/+1. This card is just bad right now. Poor initial health to cost ratio, and takes many deaths to even become durable. All that attack means nothing if you lack the durability or mobility to apply it.

Cannon Carrier: can now give the range to itself. Seriously this would not be a problem and would give a really clunky card more room to breathe.

Blazing Salamander: add Dash 1, which occurs before it’s Gift ability.

Exalted Ogre: make the effect trigger if either player is below 10 life. This would allow for red-yellow or maybe red-blue masochism decks, without being that significant of a buff.

Groundshaker: no longer damages flying and aquatic creatures. This flavorful change makes an incredibly strong card slightly less universal.

Lord of Terror: I miss the old Lord of Terror, which was like a 1/5 with deathtouch. But this card could probably use a -1 cost reduction, or a few points of attack. If more orb damage effects are being introduced, could be fine as is.

Hate Seed: land requirement changed from 2 mountain to 1 mountain, 1 wild. Notes: this slight change would help enable angry multicolor decks like angry 4 color or angry yellow-red or maybe even angry red-blue.

Triton Trainer: this would be a huge buff, but… have we considered making Triton Trainer a 1/4, and changing his gift to a continous effect: creatures you control with Jump have +1 attack. This would make the trainer a little more sustainable while still being quite aggressive. This would makes Mystic Beast, Battle Toads, Triton Warriors, Water Elementals, etc, quite scary, in addition to the Trainer now having a stronger interaction with itself.

Egg of Wonders: oh my. I don’t even know, but this card has far too much RNG to ever be good. Perhaps could be a legendary and could copy other legendaries. Perhaps could activate to copy the last non-legend summoned. I don’t know, but it’s been ages since I’ve seen this card used. Even with either of those changes, it could use more life, otherwise Emperor’s Command or even Flame Burst is brutal.

Gabrian Noble: I don’t think the extra body or global placement justifies that high of a cost for a 4/4. -1
Faeria or give +1/+1. I’d prefer +1/+1.

Gemsilk Faerie: This just doesn’t make sense. Sunsilk becomes deadly and very mobile. Flamesilk becomes deadly and gets ranged. And Flowersilk becomes super durable, fairly mobile, AND gets Taunt, gaining more total stats than the rest. Gemsilk remains nearly as vulnerable, while lacking the mobility or the aggressive power. Change the buff to +2/+3 or have Gemsilk gain Protection when transformed.

Stormspawn: add Flying and Dash 1. Makes the body more relevant, and it is clearly flying in the artwork.

Seed of Paradise: I know this card just did get buffed… but what if it could also transform enemy lands?
Like: “When this creature harvests over the ocean or over an enemy land, it dies and creates or transforms the land of the chosen color.” Still wouldn’t be able to transform your own lands.

Gaea’s Grace: Change to: You and target creature gain 2 life. Draw a card.

Living Willow: consider -1 life. Reasoning: this card has so many incredibly efficient synergies. With buffs obviously, it is a very durable collector and defender, a Feed target still, or a Gabrian Enchantment monster (Voice of Hunger also). 1/6 with taunt for 3 faeria feels quite solid and reasonable still.

Tiki Totem: not sure what this needs, but it just feels clunky. I’d love to see some synergy with gift effects, since it is a TIKI Totem, like perhaps it also has taunt and gains 1 life when a friendly gift effect occurs…

Ruunin, the Relentless: I don’t know what needs to happen, but this card is too much. While there are many ways to deal with her, like cutting off collection, and transformation effects, and Flower is universally and reasonable available, she still feels like a bit much. Her growth or her initial stats need lowered, as some decks just can’t effectively deal with her.

Soulbound Sagami: I don’t know what this card needs, but it is rarely used.

Defender of the Homeland: What if this card was completely reworked as a mid-sized creature that cannot attack, but has taunt and of course still retaliates? Would be a very interesting control and anti-rush card.

Cutthroat Bandit: Immune to taunt springs to mind, but that feels like a bit much to deal with.

Long-horned Yak: feels so slow… at least it’s interesting. We’ll see.

Balloon Fish: Does Dash 3 feel like too much? This card is hilarious I’d love to see it utilized more.

Magda, Queen of Meroval: add 2 wild land requirement. First turn Madga doesn’t need to be happening, this would prevent that RNG from cascading so quickly into further RNG.

Queen’s Favorite: immune to taunt?

Monkey Genius: total rework seems called for. I want to say this monkey could copy creature abilities… but that seems terrifyingly broken.

Syland Warrior: meh. Could be interesting with 5 attack and a 3 wild land cost.

War Yak: same change I would give Exalted Ogre.

Walking Fortress: Perhaps this card could have higher stats but decrease your normal Faeria gain?

Shifting Octopus: should this be a gift effect? I suspect there’s a reason it isn’t. Either way, I am sad but relieved that it doesn’t interact with Ancient Beastmaster.

Frog-Tosser: consider -1 attack or increasing the wild land cost by another 1. Or maybe -1 attack and DECREASING wild land cost by 1. I don’t know.

Three Wishes: what about getting rid of the discount and making it free?

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Great ideas - thanks for sharing! I often try to play and find value in some of the under-played or never-played cards you mentioned, though it can be a bit discouraging when they just don’t work well.

I’m only going to comment in detail here the few things which I disagree with, as i liked or didn’t mind most of your changes. But again, most of them are valid submissions, especially those which concern older, outdated cards.

Desert Twister: fine change. Just keep in mind that it works on both allied AND enemy creatures.

Golden Aviary: Please.

Malevolent Spirit: adding anything to this card would be great, the instant damage face is just so… Not there…

Shaytan Scavenger: Who? Kappa

Architect: Hmm… Interesting, but I think architects need something else…

Herald of War: COULD be a 2/4, but it would be a much better if it was a 3/4 for 4 faeria IMO, OR a 2/3 for 3 faeria. I don’t want to think of Magnus, Kobold Warlords, Underground Bosses and the like with huge-fat stats just because of a few hits from a Herald. This card can easily snowball it’s buff out of control, lol

Flamethrower: let memes be memes, lol. Frankly, I don’t know anything about this card, never had it, never seen it. Just know it’s text.

Bloodstone Sprite: I didn’t really understand why to input +1 life to the player as last words here… maybe give it extra stats instead?

Bloodfire Wisp: I think the flying is REALLY needed, but the buffs could stay the same…

Cannon Carrier: ABRAKAM. PLEASE.

Blazing Salamander: I think the dash should be after, as all other cards which have Gift+Dash work in this fashion. However, I’d love the idea of Salamander getting some mobility pre-AoE.

Exalted Ogre: Nice idea

Groundshaker: Meh, I wouldn’t mind it. Maybe make it “Deal 1 damage to all enemy creatures out of ocean tiles.” so that it still keeps the idea of “EARTHQUAKE, BISH!”

Lord of Terror: I like this, even though I know nothing about the old LoT.

Hate Seed: Nah, I think 2 mountains is good… HS isn’t something you need to play on turn 2, you definitely should be willing to spend that extra mountain towards it.

Triton Trainer: NO MORE BLUE JUMP. Death to this card, seriously. I hate it’s design in all possible ways, besides, as you mentioned yourself, that’s a HUMONGOUS buff. You’re making it like an Aviary, except it’s mobile and can be buffed, so no. nonononononono. Screw Blue Jump. I hate that archetype.

Triton Trainer: Again, DEATH TO BLUE JUMP.

Egg of Wonders: Egg of Who? Kappa

Gabrian Noble: I think you need to think this card again, and play it against non-red decks. The Ruby fish can sometimes get INSANE value via double collection on the oposite side of a midrange matchup.


Stormspawn: Idk, we always FE+Ss, I don’t see why would this change make a difference, lol.

Seed of Paradise: Let’s wait for abrakam to create something on land transfiguration, now, shall we? Besides, you’re basically saying we get a targeted version of Baeru with this, which is scary.

Gaea’s Grace: PLEASE. A B R A K A M , P L E A S E.

Living Willow: Willow is a troublesome card, my friend. I think it’s a very hard job to balance things, but THIS card requires an extra: it’s MEANT to be a cheap, reliable taunt… If we compare it to something like say… Shifting Octopus or Grove Guardian, we’ll easily see that Willow’s low attack rating is what balances it, however, when you include the said synergies, it can be a VERY frightening card, especially since it’s sturdy without those offensive buffs in the first place.
Nevertheless, I agree it needs some toning down, maybe put it to 4 Faeria.

Tiki Totem: I totally agree, it’s clunky and it needs something.

Ruunin, the Relentless: No, man… She has ALWAYS been underpowered, and the sudden sight of her in many lists is quite good, because Ruunin doesn’t win games, the old frog tosser was CRAZY, and even now it’s in a rather strong situation, but Ruunin is not as broken as she may look like. Play her more often and you’ll see that she’s not an auto-include like Groundshaker or A., Mythmaker, for example.

Soulbound Sagami: Is this card in the next expansion? Kappa

Defender of the Homeland: THIS CARD. NEEDS. THIS CHANGE. It really bothers me how a “defensive” card has such poor stats and such a useless effect - I want them to be big, bulky, blockheads with wooden clubs. And taunt, obviously.

Cuthroat Bandit: this card really needs something, maybe dash 1, though?

Long-Horned Yak: I like it, lol.

Balloon Fish: Dash 3? Son, this thing is my Verduran Cab already, want to make it a Verduran Jet? I’d love it, lol.

Magda, Queen of Meroval: AGREED. God, I hate the one in a million games when I’m playing Mono Green and some hobo shows up with her on board… grrrr…

Queen’s Favorite: Full rework plz? I think it’s stats are too weird for a 4/4…

Monkey Genius: TOTAL. REWORK. This card doesn’t say “FAERIA” like most of other Oversky stuff does - in fact, I don’t think I’ve even seen anyone play it EVER.

Syland Warrior: Could be changed, I just don’t know how.

War Yak: Agreed.

Walking Fortress: I kind of like this card…

Shifting Octopus: I AGREE 100%.

Frog Tosser: -1 attack and -1 Wild seems to be nice.

Three Wishes: Man, this card is the definition of a rollercoaster… Either it’s OP or it’s just not there… The main issue I see with it is that it’s a card that wants to “mirror” the oponent’s deck, which is something I’m not really into, but then again… Something needs to be done here…

My own changes:

Farm Boy: remove this card and add in Meroval’s Farm Belish (or whatever it’s called)


It is worth noting that Mistral Guide can already give dash to Blazing Salamander before the gift happen. I haven’t managed to make this interaction work competitively, but I like to think that positional gift are potent but at the cost of good land placement, while Mistral Guide alleviates a lot of land placement needs.

Blazing Salamander is already played in some difficult meta decks, and it makes wonder there, I don’t think there is a need to make it more accessible by defeating the purpose of positional gift and while denying a possible interesting interaction.

Edit : oops, I mistaken Blazing with Emerald. Yes, Blazing might benefit a buff, But I’d rather see it in stats or gift effect than as a dash, for the reasons explained above, eventhough the card is weak. A popular stat “buff” suggestion is to make it 3/4, and I think it’s a bad suggestion, May be even a nerf, I can explain why. I’d personally like it at cost 4 for one or two extra wild lands.