Card collecting

The rarity division in booster packs seems off. I was expecting collecting legendaries to be the biggest obstacle, but epics are actually much harder to collect.

I’ve opened around 115 booster packs so far. I’ve only crafted and disenchanted around twenty cards.

I’ve gotten seven legendaries that I wanted and none I didn’t want, surprisingly enough. I’m only missing three I really want and three I’d like to have. I also got an extra copy of two legendaries. Since legendaries are so rare, it would be nice if you were always guaranteed to get a new one.

I have far fewer epics that I want. There are still a lot I don’t have any copies of. I only have three copies of two epics.

A good amount of epics are important in decks, so they should be easier to acquire. Legendaries actually aren’t that important, so it’s a shame epics are harder to collect.

Rares appear at a pretty good rate. I have at least one of all of them, and a decent amount of threes. They’re pretty cheap to craft too, so acquiring them isn’t too difficult.

Commons appear far too often. I have two to three of the vast majority of them. Quite a lot go over that, up to nine copies. It’s lame to get so many extras, since they give very little memoria too.

The starter cards really shouldn’t appear in boosters. They cause a lot of extras to appear. Removing them from boosters would make collecting less frustrating.

Overall, the free card collecting is one of the best I’ve seen in F2P CCGs. I’m fairly satisfied with it, considering it’s free. It’s still a long grind, but at least it doesn’t take ages to build up a decent collection.

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I think epics are far more common to get in packs than legendary cards. There are however a lot more epic cards in the game than there are legendarys, and with the epics you want to get 3 copies instead of just 1 like the legendary cards. I think that is why you feel that epics are harder to get, because there are just so many of them and you need multiples :slight_smile: So it takes a long time to get all epics!

I agree that codex cards shouldn’t be in the packs, since there’s no point (everyone has all of them already) and it’s a tad annoying and confusing to get a fair amount of cards you already have in the very first packs you earn.

I mean, it’s still miles better than HS’s grind, just a little peeve. :wink:

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Yeah, that’s true. It just seems backwards, since you get a larger percentage of the legendary cards you can play than the epics. Since the epics tend to be more useful in decks too, it would’ve been convenient to get a bigger percentage of epics than legendaries.

Just chiming in to react to the codex part : Codices only give you 2 copies of a card, the 3rd one is to be obtained in packs, so it’s ok to get them again. Anyway, most of them are commons, so you’ll soon have something like 2 or 3 of each after opening a few packs. And the rest is memoria :slight_smile:

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Codex gives you three copies, not two. Clicking the codex puts 2 copies in your deck, yes, but your collection has three of them as soon as you unlock the codex. If there were two, I’d understand it, but that’s not the case. And I’d rather have new cards than memoria this early in my progression experience :slight_smile:

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Oh really ?
My bad, then, you’ve got a perfectly valid point

This shouldn’t be the case. Codexes should definitely only provide you with two in your collection, as shown in the Codex. There used to be a display bug which made this more confusing than necessary. You’re intended to need to collect the third from boosters or crafting.

More on codex cards appearing in boosters - we used to have them removed from the booster pack possibilities, but we found that with our current library of cards, there were so few commons left to find afterward that players would routinely open the same commons over and over in booster packs, resulting in a collection of way too many duplicates of those particular commons, reducing the sense of reward of opening boosters in general.

There’s a bug then, cause I have three of each codex card (and can use them in decks) and I definitely didn’t get them from packs (I had a duplicate to disenchant in my very first pack, even).

epic seems to be harder to collect because there is a lot of them to have !
21 legs and ~180epics.

you got ~1% chance of getting a leg (per card, so 1 leg every 20 booster)
you got ~8.5% chance for an epic.(ok that’s base on my stats after only 55 boosters opened)

lets roll the dice for 420 boosters :
=> 21 legendaries
=> 178 epics

so, based strictly on numbers, there is nothing wrong about getting epics harder than legs.
the only things that will change is your luck getting the same card multiple times or not. which is more impacting legendaries, as they are fewer of them.

have a nice day, and gl for booster opening !

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