Card counts

Hi. I’m level 33 and one very frustrating thing is there doesn’t seem to be a setting anywhere to see my remaining cards and how many cards are in my hand during a game. This has led to a few lost games and me miscounting cards in hand and over drawing.

Hi Xthreat there is an option to enable exactly this :slight_smile:
While you are ingame, click on the cogwheel and you will find an option to always reveal it.

Another way to do it is by moving your mousepointer over your deck, that will also display the amount of cards in hand/deck.

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Thanks for the reply. I must have a bad install of the game because I have " Show Permenant DeckHand Information enabled and all i can see is my opponents hand and deck not mine. Mousing over my deck doesn’t show me the information either. The way I see it, Is I can only see my opponents deck info only. Seems very strange to me.

Sorry, I feel stupid. I had the game in a window and couldn’t see it… Doh!