Card descriptions

I think in general the card descriptions make sense and are straight forward but in some cases I really don’t get what the card does or how it works. For instance I was playing a card that says “take control of an enemy with 2 or less attack”. I did this and I guess I took control of it but then couldn’t move it or attack with it…what is the point of that? Maybe i was using it wrong or something? If I was I have no idea how else I could have used it but that blunder largely contributed to losing a Pandora match. Very irritating.

Is there some repository of these card descriptions that goes into better details of how they work or what they do? That wasn’t the only card that I have encountered that didn’t behave like I expected from the description but the only one i can recall atm.

After you take control of a creature there is a 1 turn cooldown before you can use it, the same as when you play one from hand (unless it has haste).

I made a thread about this. You can post in it too.

Yeah, some of the description are confusing.

Nice thanks for the replies.