Card draw is totally F'ing this great game

I’m sick and tired of drawing production cards at the end of the game, or uber powerful creatures at the beginning, with no faeria to use them!. This is where strategic rational planning goes head to head with random card draws and destroys this game.

PLEASE, give us at least 5 cards at game start, or 2 or 3 rounds of replacing cards at start.

I feel the 5 card start would vastly improve this game.

Remember that in Faeria you keep your faeria when you click “End turn” (and gain +3 next turn), so you can almost always play your “uber powerful creatures” already on turn two or three :slight_smile: or turn 5/6 if the creature requires a lot of lands.

Card draw can be frustrating, especially when it feels like the opponent always get perfect cards while you dont. Try to include more “medium sized” creatures/events in your deck, so you will be able to play them by turn two so your not unhappy about having it in the start, and they wont feel as bad later on either!


… and twice again i was F’d over by poor card draw - opponent uses green & yellow cards to grow his terrain at double rate to my red deck. poor red card draw then screwed me over.

pick the best cards from multiple desks then screw your opponents … great!

The whole point of playing multiple colors is that you can access the best cards possible for your deck from those colors.
In your other post you hinted that neutral cards only is better than colored ones, and now it sounds like you feel multiple colors is better than none/one :wink:

It happens to all of us, it is in the nature of cardgames but it is also what makes it exciting!

Dont give up! :slight_smile:

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The Nature of card games is exactly what strategic gamers don’t want.

This game sux

Regarding card games, you will never remove the RNG from them. Making do with what is given to you and optimizing every turn’s decisions is what I consider “skill” in those card games. The greatest player in the world will never win 100% of his game, but will have the highest win % (or sadly, the highest # of games played…)

Lets look at one extreme : No RNG at all. You get a board game that is purely based on skill, like “Go” for instance which is considered above chess regarding player skill being the biggest factor in a player’s victory. Unfortunatly, having such games would result in a massive use of third party programs to assist the player and you wouldn’t get to “play” anymore, you would “follow instructions”. It was a sad day when Google’s computer “Alpha-Go” beat the greatest Go master of today sometime in the last year.

Lets look at the other extreme : Hearthstone. You get a game so purely based on RNG both on cards and on card draw that even the dumbest player out there can easily beat the world greatest master. Many games are decided after the decks are shuffled and before either player draws a single card to begin with. The game design is purely based on customer satisfaction to get $$ since you blame the RNG when you lose and feel good about yourself when you win.

Back to Faeria. When you look at the core design of the game, you realise the developpers already took great steps toward rewarding player skill.

  1. First, you keep unspent Faeria for your next turns : this gets rid of the annoying “play on curve” so many other card games have and nullify some of the mulligan bad RNG.

  2. Second : colored cards you play have terrain requirements : As a result, “deck building” extend to ingame as well since cards you cherry picked for you deck only becomes usable when you meet their requirements. Unlike Magic the Gathering, you are 100% in control of what terrain type you use (or not) on each of your turn. Thus eliminating the RNG of drawing or not the colored lands you need.

  3. Third : colored creatures can only be spawned on matching terrain : this doesn’t actually counters RNG, but it adds a thick layer of complexity to the game and thus, skill is much more a factor regarding who wins the game.

  4. Last : the board. Notice how most card games have 2 side : yours and the opponent’s. As a result, cards you play “affects the whole board” all the time. This changes in Faeria. Cards you play usually affects their surrounding. As a result, you carefully need to decide not only when, but also where you play your cards.

In conclusion, RNG will always be a part of conventional card games since the core concept is to draw cards from the top of your deck during your turn. But Faeria decided to add gameplay around this core concept, gameplay that really doesn’t allow much more room to RNG and as a result, Faeria is a very skilled and compeition worthy game.

It’s a shame the card balance is still in progress. Lets just hope it wont stay a mess forever like Hearthstone is and that changes are going to be much more frequent than in Hearthstone.


I appreciate the fact that you guys are trying to be rational with Archaic but the fact is that he’s decided to dislike this game without going in depth and trying things out and mixing it up. It’s sad that he’s given up on a unique blend of strategy and card game but it is what it is. with his attitude I’m not too upset because if they ever implement a chat system he would be toxic on it.

You make a lot of good points here, but you’re totally wrong on the “third party programs”. Backgammon, a game with dice roll, is actually one of the first game where computer ever beated human. Computer have beaten us for more than two decades, yet there are more chess (human) players than there are ever been. In Poker, on the other hand, a game with not only randomness and hidden information, third party programs are efficient and widely used, and don’t kill the game when they are.