Card idea: Sandstorm

Good morning!

For those who know me, you know that I love removal cards and Faeria could for sure use more of them.
This is (I think) a pretty powerfull card that also synergize with Desert Twister and Windborn Champion (helps you make deserts) while at the same time allows BlueYellow7 to perhaps become a thing, the Blue7 cards and The yellow Colossi could work really well with Sandstorm. Sandstorm could also act as a finisher or stabilizer in Red/Yellow Burn. Sac your Seifer fodder to deal 5 dmg.

Note that if you play this card when your opponent only has one creature on the board, it basically acts like a target removal. If you dont have any creatures on the board, you dont have to sac anything! Or you could just sac one of your last-words creatures or an Annoying Gnat.

Additionally, if you play it when have exactly 7 Faeria, you dont get affected by the Faeria-loss, but if you time it well, you can deny your opponent 3 faeria, which in many cases can be enough to completely turn the tides or secure that victory.

How would you use this card? Or would you ignore it all together?

There is maybe a bit much happening with this card. If i had to remove something it would be the life-loss.

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Problem is, if u have exactly seven faeria and no creature, you totally broke the game. Its a card hard to balance, maybe the -3 faeria is the strongest problem. What about disable well until your next turn instead? Maybe its less gamebreaker, but still hard for your opponent.

Still an interessant card !

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imagine havin to play around doomsday and this card

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