Card Interactions

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Battle Toads

You can right click to cancel placing the second battle toad. If you click to fast, this can also make you lose the second toad.

The frogs themselves are blue creatures and must be placed on lakes (even if the Battle Toads card itself is wild). This is important to keep in mind if you want to use cards like [Card=728]Barter[/Card] or [Card=350]Three Wishes[/Card].

Coral Polliwog

Polliwog will collect from a well FIRST, before its gift triggers, meaning you can potentially collect from two wells with it.

Egg of Wonders

When a creature emerges from this card, it will harvest Faeria if it is adjacent to well, but cannot move or attack.

Haste creatures that emerge from this will be able to move twice (or so I’ve heard, I still need to test this).

Humbling Vision

“Base stats” is not the clearest of wordings for this card. This card checks a creature’s CURRENT stats on board EXCEPT for temporary buffs like [Card=275]Windborne Emissary[/Card] or [Card=624]Orphan Fugu[/Card].

[Card=624]Orphan Fugu[/Card] has been given an [Card=175]Elderwood Embrace[/Card], and you have another beast on board. It is now showing as a 7/9. Humbling Vision will ignore the temporary attack buff from its ability, treat it as a 5/9, reduce its stats to 2/4, then give back the temporary buff finally making it a 4/4.


This creaute’s gift ability will trigger before the death effect from [Card=127]Failed Experiment[/Card], which means you can failed it and store it safely within a friendly creature’s belly.

Mistral Guide

This ability will trigger FIRST, before any other summoning abilities. This includes any other gift abilities or dash abilities. Summoning a creature adjacent to multiple Mistral Guides will trigger multiple times.

Example (gift):
Summoning [Card=205]Axe Grinder[/Card] next to Mistral Guide will FIRST trigger Guide’s ability, ask you to dash it somewhere, THEN it will check Grinder’s ability to see if it is next to an enemy well.

Example (dash):
Summoning [Card=640]Rakoakopter[/Card] next to Mistral Guide will first trigger Guide’s ability, ask you to dash 2, then trigger Kopter’s dash ability, ask you to dash 1, then finally trigger Kopter’s gift ability.


Shozen’s ability replaces the death effect, which means last words abilities, or anything else relating to death, won’t trigger.

Unlike normal swallow abilities that prevent chain swallowing (ie. swallowing a creature that has swallowed something else), Shozen is allowed to swallow a creature that has swallowed something else. The creature in the enemy’s belly will disappear though.

Soul Eater

If you have a full hand of 9 cards and draw a creature from your deck, that creature will be discarded as usual, but this will count as one death towards your Soul Eater.

Swarming Carassius

If you have a full hand of 9 cards and draw this card from your deck, it will be discarded as usual. But this also counts as one death towards your Carassius count.

I know you’re getting a lot of feedback from the discord, so this isn’t the guide’s final state, but it’s already super useful. Thanks for making this ^v^/

Awesome, glad to hear! Yeah I’ve already got a massive list built up of more things to test/add. I’ll put a “last updated” note at the top to let people know when changes have been made last.

Awesome, great to hear! Yeah I’ve got a huge list built up now of things to test/add. I’ve dropped a “last updated” note at the top to let people know when changes have been made.

Oops, wasn’t sure if that first message sent XD