Card Language Consistency

I am relatively new to Faeria and am having a lot of fun with the game, I was in a battle and played the Gaea’s Grace card mainly for the self heal to find out that the creature I used it on gained max health. I admit that I have played a lot of Hearthstone and when I read the card I thought that it meant “heal” a creature 3 instead of give 3 life as mentioned, this card’s text seems inconsistent with the rest of the game as most cards that give life state that they give +0/+3 instead, I know this is a minor issue at best but the fix is simple but can effect how a new player looks at and plays a card. Thank you for your consideration. I don’t know if there are any other instances of this, feel free to add other cards with inconsistent language to this discusion

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The reasoning behind this is that a god can’t gain +0/+3, as they can’t gain attack at all. It’s a simplification to say they both gain life, as creatures and gods both can gain life.