Card list filters, search, and organization tools

TL; DR I think it would be great to have more control over how cards are listed

This is fairly minor but since I first starting looking through the card lists I was very frustrated by how the cards arranged and the lack of control over how they are ordered. I’ve since discovered that the search bar is much more useful than I initially thought (searching by rarity, card text etc) but would still love to see some more options, including:

-The ability to rearrange the cards according to different priorities. Right now they seem to rearranged in ascending order according to faeria cost > land cost > name. This has its uses but I would really like to be able to change this, to order alphabetically or descending by cost for example.

-The ability to include cards of multiple colors in a list at once. If I know I’m playing GR Crackthorn or something and want to look over my harvester options it would be much easier to create a list that combines the colors rather than flipping back and forth.

-The option to include cards you don’t have yet on your deck-building list. Flipping back and forth can be a real nuisance when I’m putting a deck together. Something like the ability to craft from the deck-building menu, or the ability to see a partial deck list would also be a great but might crowd the UI. Perhaps they could be put in the card highlight or a right-click menu.

-The options to only show mythics that you have in an area where you can disenchant them. The card list in the crafting menu gets huge when you include all mythic options and scrolling through to find that one mythic you’re sure you got but forgot the name/color of can be very annoying. Two possibilities for fixing this are to have “show mythics” become “show only mythics” or to have mythic crafting available as an option under the non-mythic card and have crafted/won mythics show up in the list with everything else.