Card Management Suggestion

I was going through the card management screen, to craft cards, and found myself thinking it would be helpful if you could filter owned & unowned cards. I can’t remember if there’s a search by card name, or card text, but there should be too. That would also help, especially with deckbuilding.


I agree. Seems like a relatively simple little addition that could makes things easier sometimes.

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Totally agree. The option to filter by Unowned (own 0) / Owned (own 1-2) / Completed (own 3) would be extremely useful when looking for cards to Disenchant or Create.

Additionally, there should also be an option to filter by card Rarity.

For example, sometimes I want to get to a threshold of Memoria (like 80 to craft an Epic) and since I’m 5 Memoria away I know I will need to disenchant a Rare that I own. This often takes me a LOT of searching through my collection for Rares that I own but don’t need - and then a lot of backtracking as I evaluate which card would be the best to get rid of.

Being able to filter by “Owned/Completed” plus “Rare” would let me see the small subset of cards that I could possibly disenchant in one place, making the decision much more expedient.

Oh yeah, filtering by rarity. That’s something I’ve wanted in a bunch of cases as well. That might be the more useful of the two changes.

Yes, was thinking the same thing. Filtering for owned cards would be preferable! :slight_smile:

There are several improvements that can be made. There isn’t an “edit deck” button on the deck builder screen, and the “click here to open” text is really tiny. I ended up resorting to double clicking (which I didn’t think would even really work) for the first several times because I didn’t notice the tiny text. It would be helpful to have a way to switch between crafting and editing mode without having to back out first. It would also be helpful to have a way to access the deck builder from other screens (like the solo quests screen to quickly edit a deck and go back to quests). And I wish there was a way to filter by rarity (even if searching “epic” is the trick).

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Definitely. The game will probably feel massively more “pro” once the card management screens are sorted out (no pun intended).

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Another quirk in the system is that a search term entered in crafting mode stays in the search box even after switching back to Deckbuilder. It even stays in the search box after playing games and coming back to the crafting screen! :scream:

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There’s also no way to view your deck when you’re waiting in queue for battle! I just wanted to review my deck really quick before the match started, but the only way is to go back to Deckbuilder and “edit” the deck, which it won’t let you do while you are queued.

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For sure! Card Management in deckbuilding is lacking as a whole.