Card Review - Krog's Dinner

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Card Review - Krog’s Dinner

The Adventure Pouch is on this summer horizon but before its release we have six brand new cards for you to enjoy. The meta-game has been in a consistent state with Blue Jump, Yellow Events and Green Red Crackthorn at the top of the tier list. These new cards hope to bring a shift in power and influence new and exciting decks.

In this series of card reviews I will analyse each card individually and what they offer decks, old and new. These are my first impressions and written before the cards were released.

Krog’s Dinner

Remember when Krog got nerfed? There was a good reason for it and that’s because this feast of a card could make him viable! I know you guys are currently rejoicing at the thought of a Krog meta so let’s figure out why this card is so good. This delicious card reduces the cost of Krog by 7 Faeria and tutors him! Once Krog is summoned he consumes his dinner and can reign terror across the board.

A 5 Faeria Krog is very powerful. The value he generates from his combat will have a huge influence on a match. Lets not forget he is still a 2/12 and will take a beating before going down. Hard removal and transform are the best answers to Krog but after only paying 5 Faeria the trade isn’t that bad. Transform is the worst because he can’t be revived by Krog’s Dinner. Last Nightmare and Choking Sands are only a temporary answer.

Keep in mind that Krog is only reduced while Krog’s Dinner is on the board. Your opponents will prioritise destroying the dinner before you can summon the almighty. A good strategy could be waiting until you can summon both creatures in one turn.

Mono Red

This card gives Red a huge buff allowing Control styles to gain access to powerful, combat based cost reduction. His most obvious inclusion is in Bargain decks. This gives you more ways to get more cards reduced. Krog may even replace Magnus in the current popular builds.

Outside of Bargain I feel Krog could still have a home in standard Red Control. Producing a big threat that reduces cards in hand can help again a bad matchup like Mono Green.

Following Krogs “nerf” I feel that Meteor could become a legitimate form of removal. You will build four mountains anyway so a cheeky Meteor can go a long way.

Blue Red Bargain

Illusions of Grandeur has re-opened the Blue Red Bargain store.

Krog, Bold Bargainer and Ogre Dance have excellent synergies with Illusion of Grandeur. In fact I believe Illusion was born to give Bargain decks another win condition. I’ll dive deeper into this concept during my Illusion of Grandeur card review.

Potential Decks

I’ve kept the potential decks Mono Red as I feel Krog is too expensive in lands to splash into other colours.

The first deck is a new take on Red Bargain Control. A Meteor has been added to help with removal but it can be a costly investment. This deck will play exactly the same as standard Red Bargain Control.

The last deck is Red Combat Control with a splash of Krog. Krog’s ability is combat based so you can use Gift of Steel to power him up further. Krog could be the extra win condition that Combat Control has needed in the Green match-up.


I’m happy to see Krog get some love since he hasn’t had much play in Faeria’s history. It may be difficult to see Krog outside of Mono Red but this is a welcome addition to their arsenal. I can see Krog being a fun inclusion for Red players.

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Just wondering, if your opponent is to play aurora’s trick on your krog but you then kill it, will Krog’s dinner work ?

Yes Krog’s dinner shall bring Krog back to you ;). As magic the gathering the killed creature is put in your cemetery (original owner of the card).

But if he’s frogified… you’re screwed

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Can enchant work with an offensive Krog?