Card Spotlight - Ruunin's Messenger

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Card Spotlight - Ruunin’s Messenger

The Card Spotlight series reviews cards that we don’t typically see in competitive play. In the spotlight I’ll talk about each card’s strengths and what decks could use them. Be sure to check out the video where you can see the card in action!

Ruunin’s Messenger

Ruunin’s Messenger holds a special place in my heart. In early access I was trying to make Green Rush work but it lacked the right tools. Ruunin’s Messenger was born and gave the archetype a mobile creature with a low land requirement. Messenger’s ability also provided a form of economy for Green Rush by generating cheap creatures. All of this combined made a solid rush card.

Green Rush has always been in the shadow of its bigger brother, Mid-range Green. The mid-range variant offers better Faeria generation, enhanced mobility with Sagami Grovecaller and an answer to big threats with Voice of Truth. This toolbox makes slower Green decks much stronger and the rush archetype doesn’t benefit from these cards.

Messenger hasn’t found a home outside of Green Rush so unfortunately it doesn’t see much play. When you compare this card to Grove Guardian and Thyrian Golem, it doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to raw power. The mobility is nice but slower Green decks run Sagami Grovecaller and sometimes Syland Horsemaster for mobility.

Why play Ruunin’s Messenger?

If you’re a fan of rush strategies then Ruunin’s Messenger is a perfect addition to your deck. Green Rush likes to play cheap creatures and then power them up to overwhelm the enemy.

Messenger’s ability to generate additional cards is very valuable. Having more options as a rush deck is always great but it’s even better when they’re 2 Faeria cheaper. There are plenty of Green creatures that can help you secure a victory. You could find creatures to apply pressure like Verduran Force or Deepwood Grizzly. You can find Taunts like Living Willow or Grove Guardian to protect your aggressors. Drawing cards from outside your deck is a very powerful ability.

Ruunin’s Messenger Deck

Team Faeria Tale’s Trec is the most successful Green Rush player in competitive Faeria. He’s the only player who has brought Green Rush to the top four in a Monthly Cup.

This is one of Trec’s Monthly Cup decks but I’ve included The Emperor’s Command. Deepwood Grizzly is a fantastic card in rush because it’s only 1 Forest and has a bulky Life total.


Ruunin’s Messenger was a welcome addition to Green Rush’s arsenal. Hopefully the Oversky will bring more tools for the archetype. You can try Messenger in other Green decks thanks to its 1 Forest cost. However the card excels in a rush strategy.