Card Spotlight - Storyteller

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Card Spotlight - Storyteller

The Card Spotlight series reviews cards that we don’t typically see in competitive play. In the spotlight I’ll talk about each card’s strengths and what decks could use them. Be sure to check out the video where you can see the card in action!


Storyteller offers all decks a way to draw cards and gain Life. What’s interesting about this is your opponent gains the exact same benefits. He is a three Faeria creature that can be played on turn one and start collecting on the following turn. It’s a strange concept in card games to give your opponent resources. The Gift ability heals and accelerates your opponent’s hand which can backfire if they draw good options. This is why we don’t see Storyteller in conventional decks. Storyteller likes to recite epic tales on how he helped the Gods one turn kill their opponent.

One Turn Kill decks rely heavily on card draw. Finding the combo pieces for the deck’s wind condition is crucial, especially when your opponent is applying pressure. Not every colour has access to card draw and must dip into other colours or neutral to find it. Blue has a lot of card draw such as Lore Thief and Shifting Tide. Red however has none at all and would need to use neutral cards to fuel its engine.

Storyteller’s downside doesn’t affect One Turn Kill decks. They don’t care if their opponent gains Life or gets more cards. It’s far more important to draw cards even at the price of giving their opponent more resources.


The Magic School Bus is a complex combo deck that uses Mistral Guide to find lethal. In order to pull off the one turn kill you need: 2x Wind Soldier, 1x Khalim’s Follower, 2x Golden Aviary and 17 Faeria. Sounds like a lot right? With Flash Wind you can move around the wells to get the extra Faeria you need. If you’d like to see more on this deck then check out the creator’s video here.

This is what I like to call Turtle One Turn Kill. This deck looks like a Modgnik deck and I wouldn’t be surprised if he built it. The objective is to set up an Aurora’s Disciple and use a huge amount of Events and mobility to one shot your opponent. This deck is very vulnerable to removal because you have to keep a Aurora’s Disciple on the board for one turn before you can pull the trigger.


I believe Storyteller will always be a combo orientated card. It’s useful in a Mill strategy but Faeria currently has little support for that archetype. Storyteller will get his kicks from weaving tales of slaughtering his foes in one strike.