Cards which I find frustrating to play against

As someone who has been playing for about a week and doesn’t enjoy b/r or mono green this is a list of cards I have found super frustrating to play against. I imagine that most of the list is already on the watch list but I’m going to do it anyway.

  1. Garudan, first one is the most obvious. Firestorm is a nasty card, getting a 6/6 flyer with charge 2 for 4 mana on top is horrific. Made even worse by the fact ancient herald can reduce it’s cost. Maybe instead have him destroy a land and structure (but not any creature on it) adjacent to the hex which he is summoned on. He would no longer obliterate the opponents mana income and their whole front line but could still be used for some interesting plays.

  2. Magda, also another obvious one. The way she functions at the moment is really painful to deal. She hurts the most popular decks far less than other just due to the number of threats and fact they pack walls of incidental damage. A more interesting way to go with her would be to give her something like “Production, give all adjacent creatures protection”.

  3. Ground shaker, bad for all the same reasons garudan is not nice to deal with. Again switching it to “Production, deal 1 damage to all adjacent creatures, structures and gods.”

  4. Frogify, a frustrating spell to deal with which is. Personally I would prefer that it’s text were changed to be “Destroy target creature and summon a 2/2 frog with jump in it’s place.” This in conjunction with a cost reduction to 4(3) would make the card far less splashable and also not dumpster onto specific creatures as hard. Another route to go would be to up it to 6(3) and maintain it’s current effect. In both cases it is brought more in like with last nightmare and reds firebomb.

  5. Mirror entity, the gift should be adjacency. That is pretty obvious.

  6. Unbound evolution. As with frogify make it destroy the creature triggering the last wish. While the upgrade can still be random it makes it more useful for blue to put on some of it’s own creatures and doesn’t dumpster the last wish cards as hard.

  7. All the +on event stuff goes without saying.

  8. Salamander could probably do with being 3 red.

Other than that there are definitely some cards which are over-performing but nothing which I have felt is mechanically horrible to deal with rather than purely a numbers thing.

As with everything this is a set of opinions which may or may not be shared by the community. I do love the game and have greatly enjoyed playing it but every time one of these cards get’s played on me it makes me not want to play.