Casual players need excitement!

Just wanted to post a few comments after the Highlander mode. I don’t get to play as much as I would like with kids and work - there is always a reason to be busy elsewhere. I love the game but don’t need to be the top ranked player. We played hard for a while, then I had to work and my son drifted back to LoL…

Then Highlander and “The Egg”. How quick could we win 25 games to get a unique “something”. The game was on - we had the fever again. Both of us putting hard hours into getting that Egg before the time ran out. Challenge. Excitement. Reward.

Please make this a core part of the game in the long term. Casual players, especially those with the full set, have nothing to play for if they don’t want to compete competitively. The daily quests are irrelevant - I have the full set and don’t need the memoria. But events to compete for unique items or alternate art are worth playing for. Make them short - say the weekend - and give people a reason to want to participate. The prize needs to be unique and collectible - alternate art cards, alternate borders, trophies displayed on the map, new avatars, new card backs - just something worth collecting that you can’t pay for that shows you achieved something. I personally would love to see alternate art - sepia or B&W - no need to create new designs.

As a discussion point, my favourite idea - a weekend “event” using an alternate map. Friday to Sunday, top 10% (on ELO for example) gets the prize. The idea here is that you have 2 days to work out the best deck. Sure, some cards are OP on a different map - work it out, get to the top.

Keep us the good work


Thank you Womble for this heartwarming feedback :slight_smile: Nice to see that people are still excited about the Highlander event so late after its release!

You bring up some great ideas that I also would love to see implemented! More events like this with special rewards would be great, however I would prefer if the events were much shorter, like you said, perhaps over a weekend.

Your weekend event with an alternate map is incredibly interesting! I would so very much love to see that too :heart_eyes:

My son and I did enjoy the event - ironically we hit the 25 wins around the 50K mark and haven’t played so much afterwards. Probably another reason to keep events a bit shorter - it may also give an idea about structure for prizes. If you make it a set number of wins there is no incentive to continue once achieved. Some kind of ranking related reward would keep you interested to the end?

I like the idea of pushing alternate themes for decks. Different maps would push you to evaluate cards differently based on the unique layout. Also, common/rare only etc. The Highlander idea of single cards pushed you to play outside the current meta.