[Challenge] How big can you get your Possessed Ursus?

Since i think this board needs more Challenges I’ve decided to make a very simple one myself.
The challenge is very simple. Just go into practice mode with a deck that has Possessed Ursus and buff its attack as high as you can.

Screen cap your results and post them below. The guy with the highest attack Ursus wins. :slight_smile:

50,733,056 for a start. :slight_smile:

Would’ve went much bigger without the npc interrupting me. Fun challenge though!

Gotta try with a friend instead, to see at what amount of attack it explodes. :smiley:

1st. Very nice. The highest I’ve ever gotten was around 10mil.
2nd. Good idea calling it a challenge. (I’ve renamed the thread from [Game] to [Challenge])

edit: Go for it. Try it with a friend and post your results, I’d love to see how big it can get. But it won’t be qualified in the challenge (even though there isn’t any prize :P)

29,933,568 myself. If he hadn’t just placed that Wild Avenger I could have beaten the record.

Ruunin is definitely the best opponent to go against.

And I thought that my 64-attack ursus was quite something lol

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I think Sharra is better (if you got Ursus + some buffs on your starting hand).
Also, I think I’ve broken it:

It went from:
1,634,043,392 to -1,026,880,512 to -2,053,761,024 and back to positive 187,445,248…
Not sure what exactly happened. :smiley:

Now I wonder what would’ve happened, if I had the opportunity to attack anything with that negative attack number… :thinking:

Neat, that basically proves it: It’s being held in 32bits. So the theorectial maximum is 2,147,483,648 (which is 2^31), after which it starts counting up from -2,147,483,648.

… it might actually be a max of 2,147,483,647 I forget the exact details of how it aligns them.