Changes to Red Cards that deals direct damage to face

Cards like Seifer’s Wrath, Flame Burst, and Groundshaker have excessive value for their cost and due to the fact 3 are allowed in a deck, it amounts to a uncomfortably large amount of damage to the face. The cards I’m talking about are Seifer’s Wrath, Flame Burst, and Groundshaker. These cards are meant to be used as REMOVAL but the sheer amount of face damage they do means that red players are holding them in hand just to have a chance to blast you in the face with it.

Changes I propose to these cards:

Seifer’s Wrath
Cost 3: Deal 2 damage to a creature, if it dies deal 1 damage to its controller
Explanation: I feel 2 dmg to the face is excessive considering the orb only has 20. 3 of these would deal 6 dmg which is way too much. Also 3 cost for 3 damage is technically very fair.

Flame Burst
Cost 2: Deal 2 damage
Explanation: I think 2 damage removal is in a good place. 3 is too powerful and also the fact it can be used to burn the face means consideration need to be taken with 3 in a deck it means 9 damage potentially to the face.

Groundshaker: 5/5
Cost 6: Deal 1 damage to all enemy creatures and structures.
Explanation: Every color has a 5/6 at 6 cost. However red is the only color with a card that once summoned reduce their opponent’s 5/6 into a 5/5. I think consideration need to be taken that this card trade evenly with other 5/6 creatures. Also I took out the ‘ALL ENEMY’ part because splash dmg to creature is one thing which other cards can do too (Firestorm, Garudan) but dmg to the face give it value excess of its cost.

Hello Kiseki :slight_smile:

All cards you listed are indeed powerfull, but I believe they are in a good place right now.
Your suggested changes would make the cards much weaker, too weak imo (except the groundshaker).

Your suggested change to Seifer’s Wrath makes it cost the same as Punishment, which already sees very little play, even though it has the potential to deal 5 damage AND requires no mountains! For 1dmg to face (with a prerequisite) I dont think it would ever be played (at 3F).

Same thing about Flame burst, with your suggested change it is arguably weaker than Punishment, but requires double mountain.

Groundshaker would most likely still be played a lot as a 5/5 for 6, if it dealt damage to all enemies (structures damage is more important here than the facedamage).

I feel Seifer’s Wrath’s secondary ability has a much easier secondary effect to proc so at 3F it is in a good place. It is slightly better than Punishment since neutral cards are rarely played in draft. If this prompts more people to put Punishment in their deck this just means both removal cards are in a good place.

What I am trying to amend with Flame Burst is the fact 3 of them in hand deals 9 damage to face. However your argument is true as well. I’ll amend Flame Burst into 2F deal 2 damage to all. Again I feel 2F for a 2 dmg removal spell is in a very good spot.

I agree Groundshaker should deal damage to enemy structure as well.

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