Chest was empty!

(so it did open but there just did not where any card coming out, no lag i waited long)

after that i click back, than i return and chest was there, opened it and it was empty again.
I restarted Faeria and Chest was gone, and also my 1000 faerie.

Hope I get my chest back or refunt, and it wont happen again.
anyone else had this?

Did you invest Gold for chest or?

No i bough it with Faeria, ( i think its called that i dont know, not the diamonds, i did not pay money butt earn it in game)

(with refund i mean my fearia back or a full chest back :wink: )

That happend to me few days ago, I bought chest with gold and when I opened it like it was lagging and few seconds later animation stoped. Tried everything and couldn’t even go back so I had to ALT+F4, after I got back in game there was no chest, and I am not sure if I got new cards.
I couldn’t track that.

There was probably some lag at the time of opening the chest, if its gone the cards just got added to ur card pool, they aren’t just gone.

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It was not lag, there were no cards, I was staring at it for 10 min in confusion. (and it happend 2 times) And the card may just be added, but my option to reroll (what i love) was gone anyhow, so still cant just let it be!

(p.s. did not find any new cards after)