Choosing to play/not play against others based on having the full deck purchase

I feel like this would go against the business model of making others want to have what you have kinda thing with the deck buying option and all that but anyhow:

It would be nice to chose in settings to simply toggle a checkbox where you can chose to disable enable playing others based on whether they have the full deck or not.

It’s no secret a combination of having the full deck and a little experience your opponent will have a vast advantage.

If one could chose not to play against someone with the full deck that would be great - I don’t think it will happen but hey… my 2 cents!

The matchmaking algorithm takes collection size into account. It will try to match you up with players that have a similar size collection. Of course, it is also trying to get you into a match as soon as possible. It’s a balancing act and it will never be perfect until the game goes free to play and a large number of players start playing

Hey Romora,

That’s nice to know. How do you know this? are you from staff? can you reference and article on the matchmaking algorithm?

I’ve heard it from enough players who should know to believe its true. I don’t have an article to reference.