CH's meta review. (Nov 3th)

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By archetype

Y rush (13.3%)

G rush (8.0%)

GY sac (8.0%)

R combat (8.0%)

GB mid (7.1%)

G control (6.2%)

GB ramp (6.2%)

BR control (4.4%)

Y tempo (4.4%)

BY towship (3.5%)

By color

Y (19.4%)

GB (16.0%)

G (16.0%)

R (10.6%)

GY (8.8%)

BR (7.1%)

B (5.3%)


After recent balance patch, mono midrange decks can’t break the game at an early stage any more.
So many guys ran some greedy multi-color decks earlier this week.
Not only well-known BR control and GB ramp, but also GB mid and BY towship were also popular.
Buffed mystic beast and ancient boar boost players to play aggresive multi-color mid decks.
Actually all decks that includes green color adopt ancient boar in the list.

But as you know, an evil group always rises when experimental and greedy decks are flooding in meta.
The name of the evil group is RUSH.
At some point, the majority of players picked y rush or g rush to climb the ladder.

These choices are reasonable in two points.
First, r combat that counters y rush became weaker.
R combat gets smashed by multi-color and green decks now.
Second, nobody plays mono blue decks that can handle green decks easily except several high rankers.
I’m not a blue specialist so I just make a guess that some kind of mono blue deck can beat y and g rush.
But mono blue is also vulnerable against multi-color decks.

Summary : Rush > Multi-color > Mono control or mid >(?) Rush,
but the meta is favorable for rush.

Deck list

I just share deck templates in current meta here but be careful, some decks are not tested.

Y rush :

G rush : (by r2r)

GY sac :

R combat :

GB mid :

G control :

GB ramp : (by luuu90)

BR control :

Y tempo : (by patron)

BY towship : (by Reath)


With the yellow tempo list, why would you have Outland Ranger without Chargers? Just for campfire buff? I think Masaka is playing chargers in his yellow tempo.

Patron said that ranger is still okay cuz it has a synergy with colossus at least. I think he want to test y tempo without charger. :slight_smile:

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what do those numbers mean and where do they come from?

It’s just a deck population. They come from my actual ranked game records. I count them by myself.

yeah i thought so. what i meant is, you need to explain the numbers a bit more to give them meaning.
how many matches did you play? what time range did you play? like all matches since last patch? or last week or last two weeks?

I played 113 matches around 13:00 CET during 11/13-11/19.