Clarification on Egg and Egg Timer

New here. Having a great time with this game so far. I have been trying to get the egg thing and I have a question.

I have searched the here and in reddit, but I can not seem to find an answer. On the website and in the forums it says that after linking the account to twitch all I need to do it to watch approved Twitch channels to get prizes such as the egg. Watching the channels increase the egg timer. It also lists that I can watch steamers such as lotharHS to increase the timer.

My question is if I watch those anytime they are online and it will increase my timer? And even if they are playing some other games or if they are hosting another streamer on their channel? Do i have to watch Lother the person specifically when they are online streaming Faeria? Or can I watch the LotherHS twitch channel itself.

Sorry for these questions. Just curious. :slight_smile:

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you can view your egg timer and any rewards you have gotten for watching the stream here. From what I understand each stream will count as a new “Event” with it’s own separate egg timer.

For comparison here is my egg timer. Watching approved streams gives you a chance for rewards, with a guaranteed egg after 4 hours.

Watch these channels during the finals to increase your Egg Timer.

I’m unsure if these channels were only a one time event (The egg post on is from 2016). You can be absolutely sure that watching the monthly battlecup will increase your egg timer and give you eligibility for other rewards every 30min. If you get an egg you will get an egg avatar in game. This egg avatar can hatch if you watch an approved eggstream. The egg avatar will hatch into a yak. You will no longer have an egg but can watch the stream fro a chance to gain another egg avatar. There are multiple yaks that you can get so you will be going through a few eggs to get them all.