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Another coaching video!
This time with Kraenk!

In this episode we played:

Red Aggro

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Had a fantastic coaching session with J0k3se the other day. His style of teaching is very calm, thoughtful, and patient–perfect for a player who might feel nervous or self-conscious in their first coaching session, but also for anyone who has experienced frustration with their own play. He helped me improve the decks I had already begun putting together, making my use of them much more successful! And while he offers lots of specific tips and advice at any given moment, I found the best part about the lesson was that he was constantly modeling how to think about the game, both spatially and in terms of efficiency. And that part sticks: well after the lesson I find myself seeing new patterns, executing a larger strategy much, much more effectively, and having even more fun with the game than I did before. …And it doesn’t hurt that I’ve now gained more ranks on the ladder than I’ve ever managed in the past! :wink:

TL;DR: Totally worth. Do it!



J0k3se just had a coaching session with me. I had a blast, not only did I learn more about the game by playing with him, I also just had fun playing the decks with him. He is a great guy and great teacher. After he and I finished playing we ended up just talking about card ideas and what is good and bad and what would work and what cards are noob traps. He also showed me this ungodly fun red rush deck that I’m going to use to climb the ranked latter with. He knows a lot about the meta right now and what it was like, he knows all the cards and how to play around them, or even just knowing the deck he is fighting by seeing the lands being played. all in all. I had fun, I learned how to play and fight against more deck archetypes, understand land placement, creature trading, and how to just have fun playing the game

Thank you again so much J0k3se for taking the time to teach me and best of luck to you!!

-Dane Nobilé


Just had a coaching session with J0k3se, my second one :slight_smile: And like the first one, I learned a lot ! This time it was about yellow control, a very interesting and skilled deck to play ! I’m looking forward to have fun and climb the ladder with him once again :slight_smile: !

If you want to learn about the game and quickly progress, try this coaching, it’s really worth it ! :slight_smile:


So i normally do not do coaching because i think it is useless however i said ​J0k3se have a lot of positive feedback and his youtube videos were really good so why i do not give it a try
And man it was one of best decision i ever made not it only been very fun i did learn a lot of things that i normally need to waste months to learn Also J0k3se was very cooperating he do all he could to help really so do not think about it just try it . It is really amazing experience for new players who wana achieve higher ranks / become better at Faeria.


Hi !
Last night was my first coaching session with J0k3se, and I really spent a funny and interesting moment!
He adapted the session to the decks I wanted to see, to the topic I wanted to discuss. We talked about some basics, but also about strategy, tempo, state of mind, how to make your opponent reacts and not acts (to win). very constructive!

I warmly recommend talking and exchanging to this very friendly and interesting guy.

After I assimilated our complete session, I believe I will contact you back :wink:

Thank you !



a few minutes ago I had my first coaching session with J0k3se. My wife also watched and we learned a lot. I was stuck at Rank 10 and with J0k3se’s help I realized, that I have to improve my land placement and blocking skills. In only one hour me and my wife learned a lot about how to play J0k3e’s red rush deck and strategies in general. J03ke is a really friendly and calm teacher, so don’t be shy to ask him for some coaching.

Thanks a lot

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Hey, I was/am getting coached by J0k3se, had really good experience!
I’m not a beginner, he still helped me a lot by land-valueing, placements, mindset, and with general stuff also.
(I’m getting back to Gdorank, where I ended up last season, with his help!)
We also had a really good idea for a new deck, so check out his videos on YouTube!
Anyways, I can recommend him for any new/veteran Faeria player, you won’t regret!
C Ya! :slight_smile:

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