Codex cards, 1280x1024 resolution problem


I started playing yesterday just before the patch. After the patch went live I was pleasantly surprised that I got 24 chests and other goods. I was very new to the game so naturally I opened the chests first because I didn’t know any better.

Now that I started opening codexes in solo mode I noticed that codexes don’t give you 2 more cards, they just make sure you have 2 cards of that card type. Whether you already had 0, 1 or 2 cards it doesn’t matter, you are going to have 2 of the card after getting the codex (3 if you had 3 I guess). So you are potentially wasting all of your codex cards if you had already got those out of chests because you wouldn’t get any cards from codexes. On the other hand getting codexes first and then opening packs gives you the third card and memoria, for example:

2 cards from chests -> getting codex = 2 cards
2 cards from codex -> opening 2 more cards out of chests = 3 cards + 1 card to disenchant

Naturally after opening almost 30 packs I already had a lot of the codex cards so it feels very frustrating and a wasted opportunity. The frustration made me lose my motivation to play the game and it would be even worse if someone used real money, bought chests and then played solo quests. He would essentially waste real money and I don’t think there are any warnings or anything to prevent that. I think that isn’t right at all and should be fixed. Codexes should give you 2 more cards whether you already had those or not.

If there were some messages notifying me about the cards it didn’t show up. That leads to the second problem: I’m temporarily playing on 1280x1024 resolution and things aren’t displayed properly. Atleast when I’m able to choose from 3 cards I only see one card and I can’t even highlight it. I clicked on the right side of the window and I guess I picked some card because then it all disappeared. I’ve only leveled up once after the patch so I don’t know if it’s going to be always like that.

Regarding the codex not working thing, I believe this is a bug. Other than this post, did you make a bug report of this, yet?

The pick 1 of 3 cards thing was implemented yesterday and the dev’s are aware of some issues with this new feature. I think this will be fixed soon.