Comfort: 2 basic things

The playing experience lacks two basic matters of comfort imo:
-Controller compatibility for those who prefer that
-Simultaneous search for ranked and casual play because there are not many players yet so you might as well shorten the pretty long wait if you dont mind the mode
I hope you agree, greets

I can’t see who would use a controller to play a card game but why not. I would not expect it to happen anytime soon however, faeria team being small and not really focused on side tasks (eg mobile version).

Simultaneaous search is already implemented : when you hit ranked you’ll see you’re sometimes paired with casual player. When playing casual you don’t see it but you are sometimes paired with ranked players.

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okay great as for the simultaneous search.
Well in Gwent for example I use the controller, ofc it’s not necessary but it is more comfortable, you can play from a distance, which you can’t with the keyboard. I also prefer chosing clickable fields with the sticks. I get that you have to prioritise. greets