Common Tierlist

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Tier Explanation
S Excellent.
A Very strong.
B Strong.
C Average. Worth including in some decks.
D Weak. Only worth playing for fun.
+/- Indicates small differences in rank. Plus is better and minus is worse.


Tier Card Name
S Syland Horsemaster
A+ Maceman
B+ Falcon Dive
B Village Elder
B- Campfire
B- Steamforge Enforcer
B- Farm Boy
C+ Healing Song
C+ Safeguard
C+ Punishment
C+ Rebel Slinger
C+ Hold the Line!
C+ ]Rebel Glider
C Queen’s Assassin
C Tax Collector
C Prairie Yak
C Storyteller
C Imperial Guard
C Long-horned Yak
C Queen’s Favorite
C Intrepid Explorer
C- Steam Forge
C- Freedom Fighter
C- Defender of the Homeland
D+ Syland Warrior
D Cutthroat Bandit
D Shimmering Statue
D Walking Fortress
D Hilltop Archer


Tier Card Name
S Elderwood Embrace
A Wood Elemental
A Bone Collector
A- Living Willow
B+ Tiki Caretaker
B+ Sagami Warrior
B Ancient Boar
B Bloomsprite
B Deepwood Grizzly
B Tiki Piper
B Elderwood Hermit
B- Oak Father
C Ancient Beastmaster
C Seed Sower
C- Vine Wall
C- Soulbound Sagami
C- Tiki Healer
D+ Seedling
D Tiki Chieftain


Tier Card Name
S Water Elemental
A Triton Warrior
A Gabrian Archon
B+ Gabrian Enchantment
B Sturdy Shell
B Ancient Herald
B Spring Mochi
B- Shifting Tide
B- Prophet of Tides
B- Aurora’s Disciple
B- Leaping Fugu
C+ Lore Thief
C+ Dark Stalker
C+ Windfall
C Tyranax
C Snowstorm Lancer
C Gabrian Warden
C Stormspawn
C- Humbling Vision
D+ Triton Diver
D+ Ruby Fish


Tier Card Name
S Underground Brigand
S Gift of Steel
B+ Underground Boss
B+ Shedim Brute
B Rakoan Reveller
B- Blood Singer
B- Kobold Warbeast
B- Fire Elemental
C+ Firebomb
C+ Flame Spitter
C+ Ogre Battler
C+ Red Devil
C Seifer’s Fodder
C Hate Seed
C Bold Bargainer
C Ogre Dance
C Devouring Plant
C- Barbarian Ogre
C- Kobold Warlord
C- Blazing Salamander


Tier Card Name
S Soul Drain
S Wind Soldier
S Shaytan Demon
A Windstorm Charger
A Khalim’s Follower
A Oradrim Fanatic
B+ Demon Wrangler
B Windborne Emissary
B Air Elemental
B- Oradrim Templar
B- Lord of the Wastes
B- Soul Pact
C Deathwish Ghoul
C Oblivion Rider
C Demon Wing
C- Dune Drake
C- Khalim’s Skyguard
D+ Shaytan Scavenger
D+ Keldran Soldier
D Slaughtering Shadow

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