Complete All 3 Lanes Solo Quests?

Hey Guys I am new to the game, and I have been really enjoying the game so far and I have been playing the solo mode a lot. I recently got this new solo quest to complete all 3 lanes and I don’t understand what it is asking me. Does anyone know what it means or how to complete it?

So, in the solo content screen, you have three boxes where your quest packs sit. In order to complete all three “lanes,” you have to complete all of the solo content in each box, including the packs you have to buy. It’s definitely worth it, you get a good amount of chests, xp, and memoria, and more gold than you spent on the quest packs, plus the special Black Dragon card back.

Awesome thank you.

Yeah but does anyone know the list of quests or how to see how far you are? I’m having trouble finding it

You would’t happen to know how many gold packs there are in total? Been googling it and i found more Area 51 secrets than Faeria information.

I have similar questions. I keep completing these boxes and another mission pack spawns in it’s place. I’m up to level 14 now and there is no indication that I am any closer to completing this objective. How long does this take?