Congratulations + More Avatars like "The Explorer"

Hey, I just wanted to, first and foremost, congratulate the whole team for the amazing-awesome-super-mega-hiper nice game Faeria is shaping up to be. If it depended on me, it would have the best launch for a CCG ever, would surpass HS in months, and would be supported for decades hahaha. For real, I really wanted to say thank you to y’all!

Besides that, it’s just a minor cosmetic thing I have in mind and wanted to ask, but you see, as much as I love the art style of the whole game, ironically I think the basic Avatar is waaay cooler and even more detailed than any of the other avatars. The only other ones remotely close to his level of detail, I think, are the ‘Presences’. So, if it makes any sense to your roadmap, I’d love to see more “magelike” avatars in the future like the “Explorer”.

That’s all =)


Maybe one (new avatar) like the new character in the game main screen!! Haha

Elemental dragon avatars or riot! :stuck_out_tongue: