"Congratulations, you already own all the commons!" WHAT?!?

Was totally excited to complete my collection of all the common cards, having gotten near leveling up. I believed the level-up rewards would do what they say they do: show you cards you don’t have, and let you pick one. Instead I get this “Congratulations, you already own all the commons!” and


So…what? Now that I’ve invested 2 months into this game, I’m rewarded for that by having my level gains be worth a mighty 1 memoria if and only if I take the time to go disenchant a random Common before I level up?

That sucks.


you did get 10 gold :wink:

it picks a random rarity (common, rare, epic, legendary) and show only 3 cards you don’t have of this rarity. if you have them all, you get gold (up to 320 gold for legendary if i remember)

if you have all the commons, it won’t pick another rarity for this simple reason :
-if you have all the cards, you will just have to disenchant 1 legendary to have a new legendary at each new level, giving you a free 80 memorias after disenchanting, which seems not fair ^^

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