Cool tweaks to make some cards more useful

Hey, Faeria is pretty awesome. I have several tweaks that would make cards more interesting, both in-game and for deckbuilding. These are not balance changes per say, in fact I’m avoiding commenting on cards that seem very strong.

Safeguard: Change to: “Give a creature or yourself Protection.”
Comments: This would allow a global defense option against yellow rush, or maybe red orb-killing decks.

Tax Collector: Obviously should steal 1 Faeria instead of gaining 1, in combat. Possibly increase cost by 1.

Daring Adventurer: Now gets +2/+2 for adjacent Faeria wells, as well as enemy creatures…
Comments: Now is a potentially serious creature for fighting over Faeria wells.

Syland Warrior: Takes 2 less damage from ranged attacks.
Comments: Only from attacks that occur from range, due to blocking with his big shield. Creates an anti-range option for all decks. Which not crucial yet, with new cards, eventually may be desired.

Steamforce Enforcer: -1 Attack, is now immune from Taunt.
Comments: Taunt is a central ability in the game, it’s about time to have a creature that counteracts it. Alternatively, could keep the attack and get +1 cost.

Walking Fortress: Something cool. Anti-flight?

Wild Growth: Now creates new forests, not ever on plains.
Comments: Makes it a little more grow-y. Could be decent one day with more cards that interact with forests/create forests.

Gaea's Grace: Choose one: target creature on a forest gets +3 life. Or: You gain 2 life, return Gaea's Grace to your hand.
Comment: Becomes potentially good healing to counter rush.

Gabrian Noble: Add: “Aquatic creatures have +1 Attack.”
Comments: Creates a bit of Aquatic synergy in the game, the fish summoned would thus be a 2/1, and any other aquatics get a slight boost. Plenty reasonable given the cost and three land requirement.

Architect: Change ability to: Production: Adjacent structures you control get +1 life.
Comments: Positioning now matters, keeping Architect alive now matters, and allows you to create decks with the game's many structures that deal damage to themselves. Possibly make a 1/3 instead also?

Golden Aviary: I know that yellow is all about attack, but I’d rather see this give +1/+1 to your flying creatures. Perhaps an minor additional effect as well?

Thanks BattleSloth :slight_smile:

I’ve passed these on to the Devs.

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Awesome! Thanks… I have always thought (in my own humble opinion) that I have an eye for good game design.

Note: My idea for Gabrian Noble should probably only boost adjacent aquatics, just to be safe.

Also: It would be cool if Gabrian Warden could also offer protection to your god orb, just like my Safeguard suggestion.

I’ll be posting a thread for card and future ability ideas of mine soon <3

I also think some cards in the game could use some changes. I understand some cards are bad so that other cards can be good but some cards just don’t make the cut… ever. That’s a pity really. I can’t recall the last time I have seen this cards in anyone’s deck. That’s why they can probably use some kind of change.

Gaea’s Grace: The problem with this card is that it is simply a worse Ruunin’s Command. Ruunin’s Command buffs a creature or heals you. Gaea’s Grace does both at the same time but so much worse! So much worse in fact that it is totally unplayable. Command let’s you choose depending on the problem you want to solve. Gaea’s Grace doesn’t solve anything because it tries to do to many things at the same time. That’s why I think it needs a change. But what would that change be? I don’t think it is as simple as tweaking some numbers. Like I said, it takes up the same designspace as Ruunin’s Command. I don’t think we need another iteration of the same card. That’s why I boldly suggest to remove it from the game completely.

Tikki Chieftain: Giving taunt to another creature is super useful! The problem is that for 3F and 2 Forrests, you want something more than a 2/2 that gives taunt. My suggestion would be to buff it’s stats. You could turn the chieftain into a 2/3 or a 3/3. An even better idea would be to make the creature with taunt get a small bonus in stats.
Another thing I would suggest is changing the Chieftain into the Green’s Triton Chef. Right now, just giving a creature taunt doesn’t really feel impactful. Change it’s gift ability to “add a Shamanic Dance to your hand”. I think that would add some well deserved power to this card.

Aurora’sTrick: I never see this card. Why? Because even if someone would be stupid enough to put it in their decks, it never hits any of my creatures so I can’t really tell if they have it. It doesn’t hit enough creatures. Make it hit creatures with 3 attack or less and increase it’s casting cost.

Gift of Steel: 3F for only 1.5F worth of stats. This is just bad. Some numbers need to be tweaked.
Why does this card 3F? Because if a card like this is too cheap, it is absolutely crazy good in Rush decks. Tag this onto any of your red creatures that are attacking the orb and it basically becomes direct damage on the first turn and on the turns after, you get an even better pay-off.
So how do we fix this? The way I see it, there are 2 options. Either increase the Mountain cost in order to decrease the Faeia cost. Or make the creature that is buffed take some damage. That way, it gains more attack to wreck your opponent’s orb but it also becomes more easy to deal with.
You can even use it as a removal spell. Change the name into something like “Berserk” for flavor and you’ll have a cool, unique and useful card instead of a bland and unplayable one.

Celestial Tower: I would bring it more in line with Sunken Tower. Make it cost 1F. I don’t think it would break the card.

Wind Wisp: Generally you don’t want to pay 4F for a creature that dies to Seifers Wrath or Soul Drain unless it does something when it comes into play or when it dies. Wind Wisp doesn’t do that.
I would turn it into a 1/3 or if that proves to be too strong (which I doubt) a 0/3.

Warstorm Champion: This card suffers from one big problem. It has no mobility. This means that it’s just another big green dude. It has nothing going for it. There is no incentive to play it.
I would suggest giving it some mobility and a cool ability. 5 Faeria, 3 Forests and 3 Mountains for a 3/6 with charge 2 and production: Deal 3 damage to all adjacent enemies.

There are the cards I would like to see changed the most. I look forward to you reactions.