"Corrupt" should be "trespass"

“Corrupt” made sense when I first heard about it, but now that I see its various functions, “trespass” is much more intuitive.

I have to disagree, for ‘trespassing’ can be done multiple times and the ability will only trigger once. Becoming corrupted can only happen once, therefore ‘corruption’ is more logical in my opinion.

Also don’t you think trespassing is a lot less cool than becoming corrupted? xD

Corrupt does sound cooler… but aside from the one effect that changes ownership of the land, no corruption is actually taking place. Indeed, the same land can be “corrupted” over and over (again, barring ownership change). Incursion, maybe?


I was under the impression that it was the creature that became corrupted, not the land.
In any case, the name has been carefully chosen by the game developers and probably has to do with Faeria lore as well. So I don’t think it will ever be changed.

Always good to share your thoughts though! :slight_smile: