Cosmetic Bundles: Now available

Cosmetic DLC bundles are available for purchase now on the Steam store! With this change, we are also removing the ability to purchase gems. Read more below.

Our cosmetics have always been earnable through gameplay and will remain so with no changes in this regard, but today we are offering a different way to unlock them if you just want to have them all right away or want to help support us.

Faeria is a premium card game designed in such a way where you cannot “pay to win". In order to reinforce this identity, we are also removing the last remaining in-game purchase as of today: Gems.

More on this below, but let’s get into how the DLC works first!

Cosmetic DLC

Cosmetic DLC’s are grouped by their associated slot, and sold all at once as follows:

  • Avatars
  • Cardbacks
  • Orbs
  • Wells
  • Big ol’ Bundle

When you purchase one of these cosmetic DLC’s, you will unlock ALL store items for that cosmetic slot available in the in-game store.

If you already have all of the cosmetics you want, or if you just want to unlock the items through normal gameplay, you won’t need to worry about this DLC. They’re here for anyone who wants to unlock them right away, though!

Note: These DLC do not contain any exclusive cosmetics such as those won through tournaments, ladder seasons, egg hatching, or otherwise.

10% off for one week!

Cosmetic DLC will normally cost $9.99 each, except for the Wells pack which is a bit smaller and only $6.99.

However, all Cosmetic DLC are being launched at a sale price of 10% for one week!

All Avatars

All Cardbacks

All Orbs

All Wells

Cosmetic DLC BUNDLE - 27% off

You are not compensated for any cosmetics you currently own. It simply will unlock the rest of what you do not have.

Faeria sale

In addition to the release of our Cosmetic DLC, Faeria and other associated DLC will be going on sale today!

These sales will last for one week, so get them while you can.

Gems purchasing removed from Faeria

With today’s release of DLC bundles, we are also removing the ability to purchase gems in-game, and therefore removing any ability to purchase anything with real money in-game whatsoever. All Faeria purchasable content will now be tied to DLC’s.

Why we are removing gem purchasing

There are a number of reasons for this, but most revolve around reinforcing Faeria’s identity, which is that of a premium card game. Having microtransactions in our game, even when they are for cosmetics only, can muddy the message we’re trying to send with Faeria’s unique economic model.

"Is your game F2P?"

Nope! We’re B2P!

"Are there microtransactions?"

Yes… but…

In short, gem purchasing really is a remnant from the F2P era that no longer belongs, and we don’t need it staying around to confuse people.

This fundamental aspect of our identity becomes even more important as we approach our console launch. It’s our goal to move forward with Faeria where absolutely no microtransactions are in-game, and we’ve taken that step today.

What happens to my existing gems?

Temporarily, your gems will simply continue to exist. They have a short life ahead of them, though.

Later this year, we will be converting all gems (premium hard currency) into shards (in-game, earned currency) at an equivalent value. As always, you can continue to earn shards through normal gameplay and use your hard earned shards towards the purchase of cosmetic items. Whatever amount of gems you have will magically transform into an equivalent value of shards for use on any store purchases, just as you would before.

In short, all of your purple things will turn into yellow things and you’ll have just as much currency value as you did to begin with.

This gem conversion will happen at a later date, and will require no action from your part.

What about emotes and deck slots?

Ah ha! You’re a clever one to bring these up.

Special emotes are currently only available by purchasing the avatar sets in the in-game store, which are priced only in gems for now. As we transition into completely removing gems from Faeria, we are still internally discussing what should be done about these.

Deck slots will likely be converted to shard costs as soon as we complete the removal of gem prices from the game.

Thank you! As always, feel free to ask us questions directly in our official Discord server.

  • The Faeria Team