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These are given away as rewards in the solo mode:

Crimson Sprite

Verdant Sprite

Azure Sprite

Desolate Sprite

Eggs are given as a reward for watching the monthly cup. See this guide for more details: What are Eggs?

The Egg

The following avatars hatch from eggs:

Sir Yakkington

Peace Blossom


This avatar was sold as part of an early access exclusive bundle.

Dark Wisp

This was given away in a limited time event.

The following avatars are available to buy in the store, as a part of the weekly rotation. They can also be gotten from mythic chests.

Verdant Presence

Crimson Presence

Azure Presence

Verdant Presence

Verduran Force

Underground Boss

King’s Guard

Gabrian Enchantress

These avatars are included in bundles sold in the store:





These are part of the store’s weekly rotation. Also included in mythic chests:

Orb of the Arcane

Orb of Gaea

Orb of the Giants

These are included in the store bundles:

Sharra’s Orb

Seifer’s Orb

Aurora’s Orb

Arcane Stone

Used to be gained as a reward for levelling up, before the rewards were changed to cards.

Orb of Valor

Was sold as a part of the early access exclusive bundle.

An exclusive reward in the kickstarter campaign.


Available in the store’s weekly rotation and mythic chests:

Wells of the Arcane

Carnivorous Plant Wells

Gabria Wells

Included in bundles:

Aurora’s Wells

Sharra’s Wells

Seifer’s Wells

Card backs

Available in the store rotation and mythic chests:

Mosaic Solar Card Back

A reward for beating the Magda’s final epic quest in the solo mode:

Black Dragon Card Back

Included as a part of the store’s bundles:

Aurora’s Card Back

Seifer’s Card Back

Sharra’s Card back

There are 26 more card backs that were given away as rewards during monthly resets. These can’t be gotten anymore.

Card backs are awarded each month for reaching rank 15 in ranked mode. Those who reach god rank also get a golden version of the card back.

Players who reach 150 pandora points in a month get a pandora card back during the monthly reset. The people with the top 64 pandora points also get a golden version of the pandora card back.


I completed all solo quests, but only got 2 sprites. Did I miss something?

I think all of the in-store avatars can be obtained through Mythic Chests. I got Dark Wisp that way and people have reported getting the avatars from the bundles, but without the associated emotes.

Also, I’ve been updating this for card backs if anyone wants to see all of the monthly rewards:

The first post is an outdated version of the guide. I updated the guide to contain the latest information. Please read the guide on the hub to see the new version: