Could I get 1 more letter for account name so I can log in on mobile?

I downloaded the mobile version of the game and I couldn’t create an account through my phone. Not sure why but it just times out. Well I came here via PC and created my account. Apparently the accounts on here and the mobile requirements are different. I am 1 letter short when entering my name. It removes the y.

The Android Beta has ended so you won’t be able to log in through phones until it returns. It doesn’t have anything to do with you account name, just times out because there are no mobile servers to reach right now.

They may want to remove it from the google store since I was allowed to DL it less than 2 days ago. Best way to discourage customers is to allow them to DL a game they can’t play. Thanx for the heads up. I guess I’ll just uninstall it and look for a different game.