Could you add a brawl?

I too play heartstone but most of the times I play it it is for the tavern brawl.
It mostly is realy fun and you get a gift if you win a game of it.
Is it possible to make a mothly or weekly brawl?

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I don’t think their goal is to be more like Hearthstone.

I really enjoy some of the TBs in HS and I think Faeria should have more gamemodes (I’m hoping for some sort of two headed giant or 2v2 mode) but the problem with adding gamemodes is that it splits the already small playerbase. With an extra mode less people will be queueing for pandora or constructed so until we have a much larger playerbase it’s just not feasible.

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One of the existing game modes could be changed to be more dynamic, but I think the devs already have plenty to do at the moment.

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Sorry I don’t know HS, is it an open tournament (single elimination) with one deck? Thanks

No, it is a gamemode where special rules are available each week (pre-built decks against bosses, gift triggers twice, when you play an event you gain a random creature… ) where you can play freely without ranking or elimination.