Cow-atars, please!

I quite enjoyed watching the last Monthly cup. However, it was disappointing not to have any cow-atar options in the eggs… We, the female players of Faeria, are quite numerous, and deserve to be represented in yak form! An initial selection of 3 or 4 female yaks, plus a gender selector button on the hatching screen, probably wouldn’t be that hard to implement.

This issue is all the more pressing, because there are currently only 3 Obviously female avatars in the shop - Sharra, Magda and Taesa (I hope I got her name right). All of them are deathly serious, and none of them are animated - they don’t even blink. No wonder hardly anyone ever uses them!

As I’m not the artsy type, I can’t provide any pictures. Maybe someone in the comments will help me with that. But here are some of my cow-atar ideas:

Goldilocks - has golden hair, styled in 2 braids
Yakelga - wife of Yakkar (the Viking). Same hair as Goldilocks, plus a metal helmet
Daisy the Yak - wears a straw hat with flowers, probably either daisies or gerbera, to match her name
Queen Yakina - wears a tiara or crown, and has the same painted horns as her husband, King Yaknus

Any further comments or suggestions welcome.


There is Khalim and Balhar in male category. I don’t count monsterous creatures like Ogre Battler or Seifer because… well, let’s just not. Unless we want to make graphs of how specific age range of specific furry sub-culture that also happens to dislike milk is represented in game. No need. Female avatars, I would count Sharra and Magda. Again, I don’t count Aurora or Enchantress, because see above. I feel all other creatures are too creatures or too unspecified to count.

All in all, I would say there is a good split. And I bring it up only because you mentioned female demographic and representation, which is an obvious ignition point in times we live in. Sigh, I guess. And still no-one fights for rights of muscular men being objectified wrongly* in video games and fiction!

Nevertheless, I approve! A poke for some fem-yaks wouldn’t be a bad thing at all! I really like the idea of Yakelga, though maybe I would just go for Helga for ease of it. I wouldn’t mind a yak version of fem-shep, and just the wordplay in itself gives endless possibilities. Or maybe just go for The Mother of Yaks. Possibilities are endless.

* Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure got it right - it’s not about sheer muscle mass, it’s about posing!

Of course, Khalim and Balhar are also serious and un-animated. But that’s exactly my point - those who want a humorous, well-animated Male avatar can simply watch the streams and get a random yak once a month. Usually with a beard or mustache.Those who want a female equivalent are out of luck.

It’s not an “ignition point”. In Faeria, those female players who’d rather not be represented by, essentially, a cow, can pick Magda, Sharra or Taesa instead - these avatars may be boring, but are undeniably pretty. Aurora and Ruunin are good options for those who don’t want to emphasize their gender too much, while elementals are perfect for those who want to conceal it completely. If female yaks are to the mix, it will not only give people more options, it would give female players an incentive to watch the streams for longer!

I thought “Yakelga” sounded funnier than “Helga the Yak”. You are forgetting how clever people are, my friend - I’m sure they’ll get the pun :slight_smile:

I love the idea of adorable female yak avatars! The female avatars in general are under represented, but the cute ones! Devs! This should be a thing!