Crafting Clarification

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I have some questions about crafting if you would all indulge my curiosity.

  1. When crafting a card is there a practical point to choose the shiney purple one over the normal one?

  2. There is an option to salvage excess (whatever that word is memoria or something
    …) for diamonds what does it mean by excess? does it mean if there is more than one copy of a card or more than three? (The max you can have of one card time in your deck)

  1. Crafting mythic cards is a cosmetic choice only, and is designed for more invested players who may have already bought the full collection and as bonus prizes for doing well at pandora.

  2. Excess Memoria is calculated by having more than 3 copies of a card.


to be more precise about excess :slight_smile:

  • it’s more than 3 cards for normal, rare and epics
  • and more than 1 card in case of a legendary