Crafting Quest Bug

So I just completed the Master Craftsman quest which gives 200 shards. I crafted Seifer. Didn’t get the shards, quest shows as uncompleted. I’ve restarted the game a few times and still nothing.


Just uh realized that duh, mythic does not equal legendary. My tummy is now filled with rage, and nobody to direct it at except myself.

I have crafted two mythics to try and complete this quest. I have also crafted a legendary, common and rare. Nothing works. Please address this, in addition I can sort my collection by common, rare, and legendary, but typing in mythic returns nothing. Can this please be addressed?

The crafting interface has a “show mythics” button up top. Make sure it’s activated.

The “show Only mythics” button has been requested multiple times by the community, but hasn’t been implemented yet.