Crafting System Change

I suggest changing the current crafting system since it is kinda redundant, my reasons for saying that are:

  1. Since it is a lot easier to have full collection the crafting system won’t see much use for the most part.
  2. Once a full collection achieved it is useless.
  3. It annoys some people visually.

To fix that I got a few suggestions:

  1. Either remove the crafting system, or
  2. Rework it so that it could either:
    a. Make lore pages craftable; that makes it also better for the players who don’t like getting lore pages in their mythic chests, or
    b. Make it possible to craft mythic cards using shards

I hope these suggestions are useful, best wishes…

From now on, new expansions will come once every 2 months. Crafting will make getting the cards much faster.

They Were craftable before the transition. Mythic chests are one of very few items not purchasable with shards, so it’s not surprising the devs are hoping to encourage their purchase in some way, to make sure they get more cash from players.

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It would be nice if at the very least they allowed you to make mythic cards for 3 charges each for those that have full collection for example. Crafting lore is interesting too.


but players expect to get what they payed for directly, and since the crafting system won’t be used most of the time it is an OCD trigger for some (me included).