[CRASH] lots of NREs during game: 17371304

Some combo with Blood Singer, Blood Obelisk and perhaps Underground Brigand seems bugged. Or at least this case…
I get the same exception 3 or 4 times in consecutive turns and I had to restart faeria all the times.

Good work.

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I’ve had 3 similar crashes today, but I’m not sure what these are triggered by…

I confirm. I replicated the case with the exact 3 cards I mentioned before in a practice match and I got the same exception.

I have no idea how C# works but it looks like something is being referenced before it has been assigned.

It is like when you tell your dog to run and you remember not having one… It is sad

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Since this patch, I’ve had almost every match generate 1 or more of these errors. My most recent match did this every single time my opponent drew a card. Really annoying during pandora.

I got it too. First game today.

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Same here

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They just released a patch. Check now.

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Yes, thanks. Seems fixed now.
Very fast, congrats to the dev team.