(Creation) Chess Expansion Cards

Dear players & admins,

I suggest that we can go for the designs of the tiles. I always feel that this was like a chess game.
Perhaps you could come out with a new expansion of chess cards, that’ll be wonderful. In addition, players can earn chess skin tiles if they hit a certain requirement of wins. We can have a look at some of my ideas for discussion.

Note: You must have all Chess Creatures included in your deck to be able to use them. Chess Cards cannot be bluffed in attack or health.

Special effect: Chess Creatures will stay on the same tile of destroyed creatures.
Tiles: Neutral tiles
Total Chess Cards: 20 (You can only add in another 10 of your own cards.)

  1. Name: King Chess (1 Card)
    Rarity: Legend
    Summon Cost: 12
    Tile Cost: 10
    Attack: 2 Health: 15
    Effect: Taunt ,+1 protection. Cannot be affected/damaged by events, creatures effects.
    If the King is destroyed, the player that controls it loses the game. Can move in any adjacent tile.
    Attacks on the player is nullified.

  2. Name: Queen of the board (1 Card)
    Rarity: Legend
    Summon Cost 10
    Tile Cost: 10
    Attack: 6 Health: 10
    Effect: Charge:Infinite (Can move in all direction till the end of a tile.)

  3. Name: Speed Bishop (2 Cards)
    Rarity: Epic
    Summon Cost: 6
    Tile Cost: 8
    Attack 6: Health: 4
    Effect: Charge 5 (Move 5 Spaces Only Diagonally NW/NE/SW/SE)

  4. Name: King’s Personal Knight (1 Card)
    Rarity: Epic
    Summon Cost: 6
    Tile Cost: 10
    Attack: 0 Health: 1
    Effect: This card can be only damaged if the King Chess receives damage. When this card is destroyed, destroy the creature that destroyed it. Can be placed on any owned tile. Can only summon when the king is summoned.

  5. Name: Battalion of Pawns (1 Card)
    Type: Event
    Rarity: Rare
    Summon Cost: 10
    Effect: Summon 8 Chess Pawn on any tile you owned

  6. Name: First Class Protection (1 Card)
    Type: Event
    Rarity: Rare
    Summon Cost: 6
    Effect: Your King Chess switches place with another Chess Piece you owned.


Sounds like an interesting mod if they had mods.

What do you mean by:

  • Horizontally? Jumping NW+SW or NE+SE? (N/E/W/S = compass directions, N=north=up).
  • Diagonally? NW/NE/SW/SE?
  • L shape? Is that the spaces you can jump to but not charge to?

You could even make pawns chessier by only allowing them to move directly forward (N) and attack NW or NE.

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Thanks for the discussion @Xaxazak
Yes u totally remind me that the map isn’t a square one.

  1. For Rook and queen, horizontal poses a problem as the map is not created in a straight line. If i may reconsider, we can make it to have a jump ability if the map is octagon and if it is a straight line like from your orb to your opponent’s orb, you can move as much as per the creature’s ability.
    I would be interested in your opinion on this matter though.

  2. For Diagonal, Chess creatures like bishop will be able to move in all direction
    diagonally which includes NW/NE/SW/SE, however all chess creatures can’t be bluffed in combat stats so i think it will be fair to have the ability.

  3. Yes, you are right. L shape refers to any direction N/S/E/W (2 spaces forward + 1 space to the left or right.)

  4. It is interesting that you suggested by moving pawns forward but the pawns have to be able to hit the opponent’s orb in order for the player to use the Pawn’s Evolution Card. And due to the mobility of the deck, if pawns are allowed to only attack NW or NE, it makes it easy for the opponent to jump or move to the back and attack the poor pawns.

Please correct me if i am wrong :smile:

I love your idea.

  1. I’d give Chess Pawn Haste ability since in real chess pawns can move 2 spaces in the very beginning.

  2. I’d add a card called En Passant (It’s a rule in chess)
    Name: En Passant
    Type: Event
    Rarity: Epic
    Effect: Version 1. Destroy an enemy Chess Pawn that had a move last turn.
    Version 2. Destroy an enemy Chess Pawn that is adjacent to your Chess Pawn.

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Thank you @chlee725 for your ideas.

  1. I feel that giving Chess Pawn haste is a wonderful idea.
    Since Chess Pawns are sort of useless without the Pawn’s Evolution Card, might as well give them the haste ability. I’m just afraid that too much haste gathers too much Faeria at the beginning and if players were to add the additional 10 cards that are the powerful aside from the Chess cards set, it will become an overkill. What do you think?

  2. For En Passant, usually it will be used on pawn creatures instead. If the opponent uses an normal creature deck against you, En Passant would be wasted. And mobility wise, Chess Pawns are usually not very useful except if you can turn it into a queen. I do find it a bit unfair for me to input only 1 Pawn’s Evolution Card though. Do you think i should scrape the Pawn Evolution card and allow all Chess Pawns to have the ability to evolve into a queen if it hits the enemy’s orb?

I just think that Chess Pawns are weak (as you mentioned), especially against normal decks, and they deserve one or two special abilities. From my perspective, Chess Pawns is a Farmboy with an extra health. There is only one evolution card in the Chess deck, so it’d be pretty rare to make synergy witih Pawns. All other harvestors have some special abilities (Village Elder gives a card draw, Tiki caretaker gives +2/+2 buff, etc). Overall, the chess deck has pretty much 8 farmboys in it, and I think that will significantly reduce the deck power.

Givinig haste ability could be too snowbally like you said because gathering faeria is very important in the game. Then maybe give dash instead of haste? I don’t know. Honestly, we will never know how strong it could be untill we actually test it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe making a complete chess deck(consists of 30 unique chess cards) would be better and more fun than a deck with 20 chess cards + 10 normal cards. I think you can add more event cards like:

Investiture - change one of your pawns into King’s Personal Knight
Protect the King - summon three pawns adjacent to your king
Pegasus - give your knight +2/+2 and flying ability

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Hi @chlee725
Have a look at some of the card designs i had given Chess Pawns Dash 1 and the ability to turn into queen if it hits the enemy’s orb. I had taken out the evolution card.

Yes, we always have to test it out first :stuck_out_tongue:
You are good with names that i can’t think of xD
I will consider to input your suggestions when i have the time.
Maybe we can input 25 Chess cards instead of 20 to even the deck power.

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Hey, the illustrations are awesome :open_mouth:
I really hope we see the chess cards as expansion or nee game mode in the future.

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