Creatures and structures look way too similar!

I can’t tell the difference between them once placed in the field. Their silhouettes may be different, but it’s such a tiny, tiny change!

Why do creatures have structure like stone frames anyway? I liked it much better in the alpha. It makes me long for the now defunct Poxnora where creatures roamed free (Google it, it looked amazing). I mean, do they pick up their stone house and carry it with them when they move? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also, sidenote, why would my forest themed creatures be shackled by a stone frame? I mean, it’s not even a frame of gnarly, wooden branches… which you apparently can get on the cards themselves if you craft them? Which feels weird.)

But seriously, this is a huge usability issue for me… it’s also difficult to tell spell cards from the others at a glance, but at least you don’t have to bring up a tool tip in order to figure that one out, like you have to do on the playfield.

Anyway, free the creatures from their stone prisons!! :slight_smile:

PS. Another nitpick… why is taunt a shield? Isn’t a “taunt” an insult or another way to lure the enemy to attack you? Can’t we be more creative in the iconography for that too? But ok, that’s a common thing for collectible card games, but a fast forward symbol from a DVD player for haste? Talk about atmosphere breaking iconography! :frowning:

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I agree that structures and creatures do look to similar.

This has been one of my major complaints about the game. I know it is mostly usability related stuff which they may focus more when the release is nearing but I think it is still very important to bring these issues up.

The card silhouttes must be radically different if they want to use them as hint to tell card types apart. You could add a keyword to structure cards but in my opinion this is not the best solution since the card text is not visible without hovering the card with mouse. On a side note, adding a keyword to structures would be interesting from a design point of view - they could add more cards that interact with the structure type.

What it comes to iconography, I think the taunt shield is quite widely used in popular CCGs (mainly Hearthstone). I’m not personally too bothered with the charge symbol (“fast forward” as you called it). However, I think they could utilize the symbol more. Maybe show as many arrows in the symbol as how many hexes the minion can charge?

I just today discovered that there’s apparently something called “event” cards? And these are different from spells?

I have no idea how to tell these apart.

No, spells are just called events in Faeria. :slight_smile: