Crossplatform login problem - Steam & android

Hello everyone, i have created my first account trough steam (i think i have linked my accounts) and now i would login in my android tablet with this account BUT what user and what password? I tried with steam credential but error… please help me, thanks.

The username and password with Abrakam. You needed to register with Abrakam to play Faeria, after completing the initial tutorial, I think? I have never tried mobile version though, so just guessing.

Nop :unamused: i log-in with steam account… is an automatic process like logins with facebook or G+ on thousands websites

You need to make an account with Abrakam to continue playing at higher level. If you haven’t register with them, I guess try that?

There are more players on Discord, they may be able to help you.

Ok, BUT… If I register a new Abrakam account (i already have this, from which I am posting) i lose all my in-game progress and purchases!!!

My understanding is that your game progress and purchases are stored with Abrakam, not Steam. I am no expert though, can’t really remember what I did when I first started, so best to ask support or other players on discord, that’s the best advice I can give you.

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Ok, i ask support to Abrakam, many thanks.